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    The “2013 Seoul Maeul Expo” opens its doors on Friday and Saturday, September 27~28, 2013 in and around Seoul Plaza, Seoul Citizens’ Hall, and Myugyoro. The exposition is planned and prepared by the village residents themselves who have preserved the spirit of Korea’s traditional communities.

    The exposition features 23 activities representative of people’s lives in villages in Korea. It is expected to serve as an opportunity for village residents to learn about other communities including others’ success cases as well as expand their network among themselves. To ordinary citizens, the exposition will become a valuable chance to familiarize themselves with village life in Seoul through many exciting hands-on experiences.

    Seoul Plaza will largely feature “Village Life Experiences.” Mugyo-ro will present a traditional Korean marketplace in addition to numerous affordable eatery options. “Village Radio Station” will be set up and run by a total of nine village radio stations in train-like space. It will show children how radio programs are made and give them opportunities to work as DJs, something they could dream about and hope for the future.

    According to an official of the Seoul Metropolitan Government, who is in charge of the event, it will be a great opportunity for citizens to bring their children or neighbors to visit dozens of spots to see and experience and enjoy a diverse set of successful programs being operated by the villages in Seoul. Citizens will find life in a village very attractive, he added.

    A visitor who gets seven Experience Stamps on the leaflet received at the information booth will be given “My Own Button” elaborately made with his/her photo taken at the site.

    All experiences are free. Note, however, that visitors are charged ₩1,000 ~ ₩2,000 for materials necessary for the relevant experiences.

    Major programs of the “2013 Seoul Maeul Expo” include: Seven-Color Village Imaginary Experiences; Maeul Broadcasting Station; Maeul Enterprise Hanmadang (a big festival); Maeul Debate; Maeul Grand Chorus, and; One Thousand Maeul Activities Photo Exhibit.

    The key facility for the exposition is the “Seven-Color Village Imaginary Experience Yard” to be created to enable visitors to understand diverse village activities such as joint child care, environmental protection, cultural activities, urban agriculture, and cooperatives through hands-on experiences.

    ※ Radio Booth (imaginary sketch)

    Following the Experience Programs at Seoul Plaza, expo visitors are recommended to head to Village Marketplace set up along Mugyo-ro to enjoy diverse Korean foods. The Energy Car remodeled by the residents of Seongdaegol Energy Self-reliant Village is expected to draw particular attention from visitors. The car generates electricity from solar panels installed on the car roof and bike power generator. Snacks including fried eggs are cooked with energy obtained from these sources. As bonus for the happy occasion, free cotton candy is offered to each customer.

    ※ Seongdaegol Energy Car

    Exciting performances include: Prehistoric Times Performance by Gukak Naru, a cultural and artistic social enterprise featuring the clothing, percussion, and dancing during the prehistoric times on the peninsula; “e-Rurie Band” from Seodaemun-gu joining hands with “Korea Breakers,” a B-boying group for the occasion, and; “Green Frog Band” supported by Jeulgeounga (Are you pleased?) in Songpa-gu. They will surely make the exposition an even more exciting one.