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  • Seoul Friendship Fair opens on the 7th

  • Press Releases SMG 2300

    – Opens 7th May to 8th May for 2 days in Seoul Plaza, Mugyodong street ~ Cheonggyecheonro, city hall area
    – World’s food, fashion and sharing experience…52 world food fairs, 45 tourism promotions, 13 cultural performances etc.
    – Ambassadors’ couples from various countries, opening with Seoul 365 world’s traditional costume fashion show
    – Seoul tourism promotion hall exhibits Bukchon Hanok Village, DDP etc. famous tourist spot virtual reality experience
    – Profits of the events from Embassies in Seoul, sharing communities will go to families of victims of Ecuador earth quake

    □ Experience travelling of 66 countries in 2 days in a global cultural event, ‘2016 Seoul friendship fair’ on 7th and 8th May.

    □ The 21st yearly event includes ▼52 countries’ world food fair ▼45 tourism promotions ▼13 cultural performances etc. Besides this it includes various experiences, campaigns and exhibits from international aids such as UNICEF, Save the children, Korea habitat etc.
    ○ Held until the 8th in Mugyodong street ~ Cheonggyecheonro, it is the biggest celebration so far and includes various parades, street performances, photo zones for world famous places and experience programs

    □ Especially participating embassies and sharing communities will donate all profits for children and people of ‘Ecuador’ where the recent earth quake has taken place.
    ※In 2015, proceedings from the friendship fair of 11.68 million won (KRW) has been donated for the victims of Nepal earthquake

    □ This year’s fair will be opened with Seoul 365 world’s traditional costume fashion show with participation of Ambassadors’ couple and their children
    ○ 17 countries and 29 participants in the fair, through the culture of dressing to portray that the world will communicate and come together. Mayor Park Won-soon and Mayor’s wife will also participate in a Hanbok runway cat walk

    ※Seoul 365 fashion show is a unique fashion show where the background of symbolic Seoul streets of Gwangjang, Cheonggyecheon, pedestrian only roads and subways become the runway of the fashion show

    □ In Mugyu-ro, there will a world food fair. You will be able to find various world cuisines from Thailand’s Pad Thai, Vietnam’s Cha gio. First you can stop at Iraqi Falafel, then on to Russian Shashlyk. For dessert on to Uruguay’s Alfajor and travel the world with biscuits. To quench thirst the recommendation is Kyrgyzstan’s Ayran.

    Iraq Falafel     Russia Syaseullik     Uruguay Alfajor     Kyrgyzstan Ayran

    □ On the stages of Seoul plaza and Mugyu-ro, sister city performers and also performers consisting of expatriates living in Korea will show various performances. From UNESCO cultural heritage enlisted traditional music Minyo to modern cross over music that is very much in trend around the globe currently will be shown
    ○ Seoul plaza main stage one the first event will be performed by NAISDA Dance College performers for Seoul-New south wales sister city 25th anniversary. You will also find a rare occasion to see Australian aboriginal Dhuwa tribe’s dance

    ○ Mugyo-ro small music café, you will meet Rwandan local performing team of silver medalist of the Taebaeksan international traditional music festival. In the city hall open lounge you will meet a delicate and unique Japanese puppet show

    □ In the area of Seoul Plaza tourism promotional fair, there will be various countries tourism contents, exhibition and sales of traditional folk. You will not only be able to obtain information of tourism on the participating countries but also in Seoul tourism promotion hall a virtual experience of Bukchon Hanok Village, DDP is available

    ○ 360 degree virtual reality goggle will allow you to experience the small streets of Bukchon Hanok Village, and besides Bukchon Hanok Village you may also experience DDP etc.

    ○ Seoul’s symbolic souvenirs can be purchased along with Seoul tourism videos,
    guidebooks and maps with Hallyu Stars appearing in Seoul tourism material. Also for
    foreign tourist there will be events introducing Seoul’s tourist spots

    □ Specially prepared for the children during the long holidays, parents can experience with their children world’s playground, instrument and attire at global culture school located in world cultural experience zone

    ○ Another event will be the Hanbok dance flash mob at 8th (Sun) 12 noon in Seoul plaza for the duration of 30 minutes. Citizens may participate by wearing Hanbok from home or they may also rent one at the spot.

    □ For further details of the festival visit seoulfriendshipfair.org or find us on facebook facebook.com/sff2016 or inquiries also can be made to Dasan call center at 02-120

    □ Seoul International Relations Division, Baik Un Seok says “Seoul friendship fair is a time for a special communication beyond borders and language barriers that you may experience in city center. During the coming long holidays, couples and families should come and enjoy the global festival at Seoul Plaza.”

    Reference 1. Timetable of Seoul friendship fair

    □ Overall program

    ❍ Festival contents by location

    Location Contents
    Seoul Plaza main stage 5. 7 (Sat) 5. 8 (Sun)
    15:00~15:30 16:00~17:00 17:00~20:00 12:00~16:00 16:30~17:00
    ▸After meal parade
    ▸Before meal traditional performance
    (Seoul youth traditional music orchestra)
    ▸Opening fashion show
    ▸Opening ceremony
    ▸Opening performance
    ▸International city performers performance ▸Hanbok flash mob
    ▸International city performers performance
    ▸Closing ceremony
    ▸Encore performance
    ▸Finale performance
    Seoul Plaza 5. 7(Sat) 12:00 ~ 23 :00 / 5. 8(Sun) 12:00 ~ 19:00
    World tourism promotion ‧ World sharing zone · World cultural experience zone (Global culture school, World’s playground)
    Mugyodong street and Cheonggyecheon World food fair ・ Music cafe
    Seoul city hall 1st floor lobby 5. 7(Sat) 12:00 ~ 18:00 / 5. 8(Sun) 12:00 ~ 19: 00
    Photo exhibition of understanding of multi-culture (Scenes, culture and people of developing countries)


    ❍ Contents by date

    date category schedule duration (minutes) contents remarks
    5.7(Sat) Before meal 15:00~15:30 30′ Seoul youth traditional music orchestra, World parade Korea folk dance (Pungmul), color guard of participating countries, international performers, marching band
    Opening ceremony 16:00~17:00 30′ Friendship fair opening ceremony Ambassadors’ couples fashion show, Mayor’s welcome, Moroccan ambassador’s congratulatory message, opening performance etc.
    International performance 17:00~17:30 30′ New South Wales (Australia) Australian traditional tribe’s traditional dance
    17:30~18:00 20′ Hokkaido (Japan) Japanese drum performance
    18:00~18:30 30′ Cairo (Egypt) Egyptian traditional dance
    18:30~19:00 30′ Beijing (China) China youth traditional dance company
    19:00~19:30 30′ Istanbul (Turkey) Turkey fusion orchestra
    19:30~20:00 30′ Ulaanbaatar (Mongol) Mongol traditional instrument, singing style performance
    5.8(Sun) Main contents(Performance) 12:30~13:00 30′ Tokyo (Japan) Traditional puppet show, fusion string duo
    13:00~13:30 30′ Mexico City (Mexico) Marimba performance
    13:30~14:00 30′ Shandong Province (China) Chinese opera
    14:00~14:30 30′ Minsk (Belarus) Traditional dance and singing
    14:30~15:00 30′ Taipei Traditional instrument orchestra
    15:00~15:30 30′ Tashkent (Uzbekistan) Uzbek traditional singer
    15:30~16:00 30′ Bangkok (Thailand) Pong lang band
    Closing ceremony 16:30~16:36 06′ Official closing ceremony Vice-Mayor 1 for administrative affairs closing speech
    16:36~16:54 18′ Encore performance Encore performance
    16:54~17:00 6′ Finale performance(Ganggangsuwolrae) Overview of event and performance highlights
    volunteers, audience


    Reference 2. Participating foreign cities

    Country City Performance contents Picture
    Australia New South Wales Australian aboriginal tribe (Duwha) dance
    (2016 1st time participation)
    Japan Tokyo 300 years traditional Japanese puppet dance and Japanese string instrument shamisen and violin crossover performance
    Hokkaido Japanese traditional drum Daiko performance and shishimai, Soranbushi performance
    Egypt Cairo Traditional Egyptian dance
    Mexico Mexico City Traditional instrument Miramba and modern music crossover performance
    China Beijing Beijing city Soonuigu Nu lan jie secondary school 1st grade Chinese traditional performance
    Shandong Province Traditional performance including Chinese national intangible cultural heritage Yu Kum Gug
    Turkey Istanbul Traditional instrument performance
    Belarus Minsk Traditional Belarus a cappella and traditional dance performance
    Taipei First Chinese traditional orchestra including various Taiwanese traditional crossover performance
    Uzbekistan Tashkent Uzbek traditional performance and singing
    Thailand Bangkok Thai traditional instrument Pong lang orchestra
    Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Mongol instrument (morin-tologaihole and amanghore) and traditional dance, rear throat singing (UNESCO intangible cultural heritage)


    Reference 3. Sharing community (13) program

    Name Program Picture
    UNICEF ① UNICEF activated country experience
    ② Exhibition of Unicef relief goods
    Experience and information pad of Unicef activity
    Save the children ① Making mini hat broach
    ② Knitting mini hat experience
    Merry year international ① Display of hope medical care
    ② Experience in making hope medicine
    Friend Asia ① Goryeo people quiz experience
    ② Sale of sharing toy kit
    Korea Habitat ① Running machine campaign for Ugandan children
    Green peace ① Coloring Green peace village
    ② Environmental friendly face painting
    TFG ① Board exhibition for community spirit
    ① Making shrinkles for sharing spirit
    WFP ① Zero hunger map (by sticking papers inside the booth)
    ② Tasting of emergency relief biscuit
    Life world ① Experience course and world citizen material
    ② Hand out of hope balloon, Making village affiliation passport, soap making with soap kit
    KFTO ① Cacao farm experience(Moving cacao sacks)
    ② Sale of fair trade goods
    Global Care ① Syria refugee message of hope puzzle experience
    Hope bridge ① Sale of climate refugee children hope T-shirts
    ② Obtain signature of campaign on stand against climate change
    KOVA ① Understanding of multi-culture (scenes, culture and people of developing countries
    ② Sale of daily life, scenery and cultural post card and frames