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  • Experience the ultimate countryside vacation at the Nodeul Vegetable Garden

  • Integrated News SMG 2719

    Now it is possible to enjoy a summer countryside getaway without leaving the capital city as Seoul City has prepared a camping program for grade school and kindergarten students. A tent will be erected at the Nodeul Vegetable Garden where children can learn all about growing greens and experience the outdoor environment without taking a step outside Seoul.

    The Nodeul Vegetable Garden covers a 10,000-㎡ plot of land, so once you are there you will scarcely believe you are still in Seoul. Family groups can come to the garden between August 16 (Thu) and 19 (Sun) and choose between two dates to camp out in the fields for the night. Introductory programs to urban agriculture will enable visitors to experience rural life in the heart of the city and learn about the importance of organic farming and preserving local crops. In the evening families can cook the organic vegetables they harvested during the day for dinner, and when it is pitch dark, children can experience the thrills of seori (stealing crops) or going to the bathroom at night, small things their parents’ generation will have fond memories of.

    By experiencing the local crop rice patties, local vegetable garden, and organic bathrooms at the Nodeul Vegetable Garden, children who are too young to camp outdoors can learn about nature, agriculture, and the environment through various programs. The Nodeul Vegetable Garden Young Farmer Experience takes young ones around the garden and teaches them about the many crops we eat, including sixty variants of local rice, thirty local grains and vegetables, and much more. They will be able to feel and touch each crop as they get to see the living creatures that live around the rice patty.

    For inquiries, please call the Nodeul Vegetable Garden Support Center at +82-2-792-7520