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  • Experience the Seasonal Customs of Full Moon Day in Bukchon

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government is holding the “January Full Moon” festival at the Bukchon Traditional Culture Center in Gye-dong, Jongno-gu on the occasion of January Full Moon Day, a traditional Korean holiday, at 10 am on February 4.

    The event, to which Bukchon locals and the general public are invited, will feature numerous things to see and enjoy, including performances and events designed to allow visitors to make a wish for the New Year and experience Korea’s seasonal customs.

    Major events include jisin balgi (a parade in which participants step on the God of the Earth) and a gugak (traditional Korean music) performance designed to enable people to wish for national peace and prosperity and a good harvest.

    Diverse customs and events will also be staged, including a “Bokjori (Bamboo Strainer) Making” experience, a “Kite Making Experience”, a “Drinking Liquor for Good Hearing” experience, and a seasonal customs experience for family members, where visitors can make wishes and hope for good luck in this Year of the Dragon.

    Festival goers will also have an opportunity to participate in “Bokjori Making,” a traditional custom in which villagers distribute bokjori to every single household in a collective wish for great luck in the New Year. They can also take part in the “Drinking Liquor for Good Hearing” event, a tradition based on the idea that if you drink cold liquor on January Full Moon Day, you will feel spiritually clear, remain free from ear disease, and only hear good news throughout the year.

    The festival will also feature a food sharing event, based on the traditional notion that if you thoroughly wash, boil and eat bureom, yakbap (medicinal rice) and ogokbap (boiled rice with five grains) with wild vegetables dried under the sun, including bracken, mushrooms, dried cucumber, pumpkins, eggplant peels, and radish stems and leaves, you will stay healthy and feel cool during hot summer days. This event is intended to promote a harmonious and cheerful atmosphere in the village. As such, participants will have a chance to enjoy a prosperous and enjoyable Bukchon Festival.

    Inquiries: Seoul Metropolitan Government’s Bukchon Traditional Culture Center T. +82-2-3707-8388, 8270
    Website: http://bukchon.seoul.go.kr