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  • Experience Korea’s traditional culture at Seoul Folk Flea Market

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    The Seoul Folk Flea Market, which is being positioned as a tourist attraction allowing visitors to buy all sorts of knick-knacks and traditional handicrafts at cheap prices and to eat Korea’s traditional foods, is adding another enjoyable feature. In the wake of the “2010 Visit Korea Year,” the Traditional Culture Experience Center was opened to the public on April 1 at the Seoul Folk Flea Market in Sinseol-dong.

    The new Traditional Culture Experience Center lets local visitors revive their childhood memory and makes traditional culture accessible. For foreigners, the center offers a chance to understand Korean culture through direct experience. The center plans to hold a regular tour program for kindergarten and elementary school students. In the future, the center plans to roll out a tour package for foreigners in collaboration with travel agencies.

    The center will be in operation until Nov. 30, enabling visitors to make such folk craft as Hahoe masks, hand mirrors, folding fans, Hanji (Korean paper) jewelry boxes, and paper rubbings for free. People can take their finished craftwork home with them. After June 2, the experience programs will charge 2,000 won (US$1.78) per local visitor.

    The experience programs are available between 10:30 and 18:00 and visitors can make reservations in advance by telephone (02-2231-4037) or online at http://blog.naver.com/pmmarket.