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  • Expansion of the Green Transportation Area from Hanyangdoseong to Gangnam and Yeouido—the Three City Centers

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    As a result of the creation of an eco-friendly transportation environment, which has shown excellent effects for the reduction of particulate matter and the efficient management of transportation demands, the Green Transportation Area will be extended from Hanyangdoseong, the Seoul City Wall, to Gangnam and Yeouido. Due to this extended designation, the latter two areas, which have been under increased stress from high levels of air pollution and traffic congestion, are expected to transform into smart, environmentally-friendly transportation hubs that will take full advantage of public transportation, bicycles, and self-driving shuttle buses.

    A Green Transportation Area is a special countermeasure area pursuant to Article 41 of the Sustainable Transportation Logistics Development Act, which was passed in order to develop and promote green transportation. If the need arises, the Mayor of Seoul can designate the Green Transportation Area.
    A Green Transportation Area is designated to turn an area with high traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emissions into a more environmentally sustainable area through the vitalization of eco-friendly transportation, the expansion of public transportation, the creation of green spaces, and the efficient management of transportation needs.

    In the areas of Gangnam and the Yeouido, the Green Transportation Area was precisely defined considering Seoul’s definition of a city center according to the Urban General Plan, business areas and other patterns of land use, the living population and economic activities, large traffic-inducing facilities, major development plans, and the boundaries of administrative dongs among other factors.

    The Gangnam-gu, Seocho-gu and Songpa-gu Districts were designated as the Gangnam Green Transportation Area. The Yeouido Green Transportation Area applies to the Yeoui-dong in Yeongdeungpo-gu.

    The newly created Gangnam and Yeouido Green Transportation Areas will merge cutting-edge technology, environmentally friendliness, and management of transportation demands to create a trend-setting “smart city” for the new age of the Green New Deal.

    First, the Gangnam Green Transportation Area will implement regionally circulating self-driving buses and individual means of transportation, integrating the two to map out a Mobility as a Service (MaaS) concept. The introduction of vehicle lanes for eco-friendly and low-speed transport will be considered, and lower-grade exhaust-emitting vehicles will be restricted from entering. In the Gangnam area, the restriction will apply to streets that experience the worst congestion, and it is expected that the measure will encourage a switch to more eco-friendly means of transportation and drastically reduce air pollution from exhaust.

    The Yeouido Green Transportation Area will be similar to that of the Gangnam Area in regards to promoting cutting-edge transportation and eco-friendly individual transportation. Drone taxis are being considered, which will connect Yeouido to the airport and create a new transport hub there. Connection with the Great Train Express (GTX) will serve to act as a test bed for the future transportation environment. Yeouido will have a regional circulating bus network on the island, and bicycle roads and personal mobility (PM) infrastructure will be linked to the Hangang River, thereby creating an environment of green transport. In Gangnam, lower grade emission vehicles will be restricted.

    Based on these plans for the Gangnam and Yeouido Green Transportation Areas, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will gather opinions from experts and local residents, cooperating and consulting with relevant governmental agencies to formulate special comprehensive plans.