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  • Expanding “Global Real Estate Agency” for foreign residents to 250 offices

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    By establishing its 2018 plan to appoint global estate agencies, Seoul City is planning to expand the number of agencies from 223 to 250 in order to facilitate the everyday life of foreign residents.

    Since it first designated 20 offices as global real estate agencies in 2008, Seoul City has been expanding the number of appointed offices every year to match the growth of the city as a global city and is now providing housing convenience to over 273,000 foreign residents in Seoul as of the Q1 of 2018.

    The current 223 offices offer services in English (170), Japanese (35), English and Japanese (9), Chinese (4), Chinese and English (3), and other languages (2) and are operating per borough.

    A real estate agency who wants to be designated as a global real estate agency office can receive an application form from the Real Estate division of a local government office, fill it in and submit it from May 25 to June 29 to the Real Estate division of its local government office. Offices will be designated after examination.

    In addition, agencies designated as a Global Real Estate Agency will be advertised on Seoul City’s Global Center website (http://global.seoul.go.kr), Seoul Metropolitan Government’s English website (http://www.seoul.go.kr), Seoul Real Estate Information Square’s website (http://land.seoul.go.kr), and Korea Association of Realtors’ website so that more foreign residents can have access to their services.

    The designation certificate and promotional logo are planned to be distributed to the offices additionally designated as Global Real Estate Agencies in July.

    Global Real Estate Agency

    ※ Inquiry: Seoul Metropolitan Government 02-2133-4675 (Land Management Division), or the Real Estate division of each local government office.