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  • Exhibitions of Bukchon Hanok Hall for the First Half of 2020

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    Seoul has concluded the schedule for exhibitions and rentals of Bukchon Hanok Hall (29-1, Bukchon-ro 12-gil, Jongno-gu), a shared space for citizens, for the first half of 2020 through advance recruitment. A variety of exhibitions will be held over the course of six months, starting in January.

    Since 2017, Seoul has been operating Bukchon Hanok Hall as a shared hanok for all citizens. Seoulites who want to hold an exhibition that is suitable for a hanok environment and the locality of Bukchon are allowed to apply to rent the space.

    In the first half of 2020, a total of 16 exhibitions will take place. The theme of the exhibitions, in which students who specialized in arts, artists, and groups will participate, will be either traditional culture and handicrafts, including ceramics, wooden furniture, flower arrangement, bojagi (wrapping cloth) and so forth, or modern handicrafts like pen drawing, photography, and more. Each exhibition will take place over the course of one week to three weeks and participants will be present to guide visitors.

    Visitors who will come to attend the exhibition must not miss the landscape of Gahoe-dong that they can see from Bukchon Hanok Hall, which is one of the gems they can enjoy while visiting the place.

    Bukchon Hanok Hall is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day (closed on Mondays) and the entrance fee is free. For more information on the exhibitions, please visit the notice of the website of Seoul Hanok Portal (http://hanok.seoul.go.kr) or contact the Hanok Architecture Property Department of the Seoul Metropolitan Government (☎+82-2-2133-5580).

    ○ Exhibition Schedule

    Exhibition Schedule
    No. Schedule Contents Title Participant
    1 Jan. 14 (Tues.) – Feb. 9 (Sun.) Wooden implement Portable Dining Table and Varnishing Soban Studio (Lee Jong-gu)
    2 Feb. 11 (Tues.) – Feb. 16 (Sun.) Ceramics New Taste of Black Kim Min-seop
    3 Feb. 18 (Tues.) – Feb. 23. (Sun.) Ceramics Square: Ceramic Ware of Jeong Han-gyeol Jeong Han-gyeol
    4 Feb. 25 (Tues.) – Mar. 8 (Sun.) Wooden furniture Wooden Furniture of Yang Seok-jeong Yang Seok jeong
    5 Mar. 10 (Tues.) – Mar. 22 (Sun.) Others Activities of Heifer International Hope For Nepal,
    Jang Se-jeong, Choi Seung-sik
    6 Mar. 24 (Tues.) – Mar. 29 (Sun.) Ceramics Silence Lee Song-am
    7 Mar. 31 (Tues.) – Apr. 5 (Sun.) Photography, ceramics Still life Lee Jin-seon et al.
    8 Apr. 7 (Tues.) – Apr. 12 (Sun.) Flower arrangement Korean Flower Arrangement Korean Flower Arrangement Group Hwaonhoe
    9 Apr. 14 (Tues.) – Apr. 26 (Sun.) Bojagi Bloom of Bojagi in Life 2 Korea Bojagi Art Association
    10 Apr. 28 (Tues.) – May 3 (Sun.) Ceramics How to Embrace Nature in Your Heart Moon Da-un
    11 May 5 (Tues.) – May 10 (Sun.) Folk painting My Story Unfolding in Folk Paintings Soyeon Studio
    12 May 12 (Tues.) – May 24 (Sun.) Others Vigor (活潑潑) of Life (生) Lifeful (Lee Bok-hui et al.)
    13 May 26 (Tues) – Jun. 7 (Sun.) Wooden furniture Dum.m, Beautiful Legacy Yoo Jin-gyeong
    14 Jun. 9 (Tues.) – Jun. 14 (Sun.) Pen painting Expressions of the City Hwang Mi-hye
    15 Jun. 16 (Tues.) – Jun. 21 (Sun.) Others Joint Exhibition of Traditional Culture Programs of Bukchon Traditional Culture Center Bukchon Traditional Culture Center
    16 Jun. 23 (Tues.) – Jun. 28 (Sun.) Folk painting Another Folk Painting Kim Yun-ok, Lee Hui-jeong

    ※ Schedule is subject to change according to the condition of participants and facilities.


    Panoramic views of Bukchon Hanok Hall

    Exterior view of house 1

    Exterior view of house 2

    Landscape of Gahoe-dong from Bukchon Hanok Hall 1

    Landscape of Gahoe-dong from Bukchon Hanok Hall 2
    Exhibitions at Bukchon Hanok Hall

    UIA2017 Photo Exhibition (2017)

    Korea-Japan Joint Bojagi Exhibition ‘Sujakgeolda’ (2018)

    Haengbok Jakdang Photo Exhibition (2018)

    Wooden furniture exhibition ‘Meet wooden furniture at Bukchon’ (2018)

    Wooden pot exhibition ‘Moon, Face’ (2019)

    Jeong Se-gwon related exhibition ‘Bukchon, the Breakwater of Folk Culture’ (2019)