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  • Exhibitions of Bukchon Hanok Hall, a Shared Space for Citizens, for the Second Half of 2019

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    The city of Seoul has concluded the schedule for exhibitions and rentals of Bukchon Hanok Hall, a shared space for citizens, for the second half of 2019 through advance recruitment. A variety of exhibitions will be held over the course of six months, starting in July.

    Bukchon Hanok Hall is one of the hanoks (Korean traditional houses) that the city of Seoul bought in 2003. The city has opened the house to the public in order to preserve hanoks and the landscape of the hanok-concentrated area as part of the Bukchon Rehabilitation Project. The city of Seoul has been operating Bukchon Hanok Hall as a shared hanok for all Seoulites. Since 2017, those who want to hold an exhibition or a lecture that is suitable for a hanok and the locality of Bukchon have been able to apply to rent the space.

    In the second half of 2019, a total of 19 exhibitions will take place, including 17 exhibitions organized by the citizens who have rented the space and 2 special exhibitions hosted by the city. The theme of the exhibitions, in which students who specialized in arts, artists, and groups will participate, will be either traditional handicrafts, including ceramics, wooden furniture, and so forth, or modern handicrafts like leather crafting, calligraphy, and more. These exhibitions will take place over the course of one week to three weeks according to the theme and participants will be present to guide visitors. The special exhibitions will take place for two weeks in September and in December. In September, Seoul’s Excellent Hanok Photo Exhibition will be held to introduce 21 hanoks that have been selected as excellent hanoks in Seoul. In December, Welcome Winter Solstice—Seoul’s Public Hanok Joint Exhibition and Art Market will be hosted where visitors can encounter the works and products of artisans of Bukchon.

    To hold an exhibition, one should submit an application in advance at the Seoul Hanok Portal (http://hanok.seoul.go.kr), which is open to applicants every first half and second half of the year. Applications for exhibitions during the first half of 2020 will be accepted starting in November 2019.

    Bukchon Hanok Hall

    • Location: (Gahoe-dong 11-32) 29-1, Bukchon-ro 12-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul
    • Hours of Operation: 10:00-18:00 (closed on Mondays)
    • Entrance Fee: Free
    • Directions
      – Anguk Station (subway Line 3), Exit 2 → Village Bus 02 (get off at Bukchon Hanok Village) or walk 10 minutes to Samcheong Park
    • Website: Seoul Hanok Portal (http://hanok.seoul.go.kr)

    Exhibition Schedule of Bukchon Hanok Hall for the Second Half of 2019

    • Period: July-December, 2019 (10:00-18:00)
    • Fee: Free (entrance, rental)
    • Exhibition Schedule
      No. Schedule Contents Title
      1 Jul. 9 (Tues.)-Jul. 21 (Sun.) Mother-of-pearl Seeing Hope Through Mother-of-pearl
      2 Jul. 23 (Tues.)-Jul. 28 (Sun.) Ceramics Each One of Us, Together
      3 Jul. 30 (Tues.)-Aug. 4 (Sun.) Ceramics Lee Jeong-yong’s White Porcelain
      4 Aug. 6 (Tues.)-Aug. 11 (Sun.) Leather crafting, Western painting meeting..& 1
      5 Aug. 13 (Tues.)-Aug. 18 (Sun.) Ceramics Variation
      ※ Maintenance and reorganization of the space [Aug. 19 (Mon.)-Aug. 26 (Mon.)]
      6 Aug. 27 (Tues.)-Sep. 1 (Sun.) Brochure Seoul Arts High School 2nd Year Students’
      Bukchon Exhibition
      7 Sep. 3 (Tues.)-Sep. 8 (Sun.) Pen and ink drawings Pen and Ink Drawing Exhibition 美:路 (Beauty: Way)
      8 Sep. 10 (Tues.)-Sep. 22 (Sun.) Photo Seoul’s Excellent Hanok Photo Exhibition
      9 Sep. 24 (Tues.)-Sep. 29 (Sun.) Embroidery Flower Embroidery 12 Exhibition
      10 Oct. 1 (Tues.)-Oct. 6 (Sun.) Korean lacquerware Coloring and Korean Lacquering Craft Club
      Regular Exhibition
      11 Oct. 8 (Tues.)-Oct. 20 (Sun.) Quilting The 6th Quilt Association Members’ Exhibition
      12 Oct. 22 (Tues.)-Oct. 25 (Fri.) Mother-of-pearl Works of Nam Jin-woo & Jeong Eun-suk
      13 Oct. 26 (Sat.)-Nov. 3 (Sun.) Wooden furniture Neat and Clean Room (明窓淨几)
      14 Nov. 5 (Tues.)-Nov. 17 (Sun.) Metal, etc The Joy of Handicraft (樂)
      15 Nov. 19 (Tues.)-Dec. 1 (Sun.) Hanji lighting Exhibition of lightings made with hanji
      16 Dec. 3 (Tues.)-Dec. 8 (Sun.) Photo, video The Melody of the Palace
      photography, motiongraphy.展
      17 Dec. 10 (Tues.)-Dec. 22 (Sun.) Handicraft Neutro Dano
      (Seoul’s Public Hanok Joint Exhibition and Art Market)
      18 Dec. 24 (Tues.)-Dec. 29 (Sun.) Calligraphy 2020, indigo mood
      19 Dec. 31 (Tues.)-Jan. 12 (Sun.) Others Vigor of Life

      ※ Schedule is subject to change according to the condition of participants and facilities

    Photos of Bukchon Hanok Hall
    Photos of Bukchon Hanok Hall
    View of the exterior Wooden jar exhibition “Moon, Face” (2019)
    View of the exterior Wooden jar exhibition “Moon, Face” (2019)
    UIA 2017 Photo Exhibition (2017) Exhibition “Wooden Furniture You Meet at Bukchon” (2018)
    UIA 2017 Photo Exhibition (2017) Exhibition “Wooden Furniture You Meet at Bukchon” (2018)