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  • Exhibition Showcases Images of Seoul (Gyeongseong) in the 1930s

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    Poster for the special exhibition “Old Seoul Through Foreign Eyes”Cheonggyecheon Museum will hold a special exhibition titled “Old Seoul Through Foreign Eyes” from March 29 to June 26.

    “Old Seoul Through Foreign Eyes,” the first ever exhibition specifically about Gyeongseong (old Seoul), will unveil the “Gyeongseong 1939” video, which was recorded by the rail authority of the Government General of Korea (under Japan’s colonial rule), and is displaying images of Gyeongseong in 1939 alongside images of Seoul in 2011 to help visitors gain an understanding of the city’s past and present.

    The School of Architecture at Hanyang University is exhibiting for the first time street blueprints showing the location of more than 3,000 stores in Jongno and Bonjeong, based on the achievements of the school’s research, allowing citizens to view them in person.

    The exhibition is being held at two exhibition halls. Exhibition Hall 1 showcases images of “Gyeongseong Station → Namdaemun-ro → Hwasin Department Store → Jongno Street → Scenery of Gyeongseong → 100 best views of Gyeongseong → Bonjeong Street. Exhibition Hall 2 displays a map of Gyeongseong in 1924, a chronological table of Gyeongseong, a Gyeongseong guide map from the late 1920s, sectional diagrams of the Jongno district in 1982, aerial views of Jongno in 2003, views of Jongno in the 1930s with restored streets, Bonjeong Street in the 1930s, and Seoul in 2011.

    (Information source: http://www.cgcm.go.kr; http://twitter.com/seoulmuseum)