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  • Everything You Need to Know about the Hangang (River) in the Palm of Your Hand!

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (Hangang Project Headquarters) launched its new smartphone information service, which is designed to help visitors gain access to the river and search information on convenience facilities located along its banks, on Friday, March 2, 2012.

    Mobile Website Menu , Mobile App Screen , App’s AR (Augmented Reality) Screen

    The Hangang covers a vast area (about 6.6% or 605km2) of the city. As an eco-friendly park, a minimal amount of facilities have been built along the river, which can make it difficult for visitors to find their way to and around the park.

    However, users of the new smartphone information helper will be able to get the answers to all their questions. It provides visitors – whether domestic or international – to the park with all the necessary information they require.

    More specifically, the mobile website, which has been prepared in Korean and English-language versions, will offer visitors information on a variety of events staged on and along the river, the easiest access to the river, and various ways of enjoying oneself and forging everlasting memories along the river.

    Visitors equipped with smartphones will be able to access information on site, too, by making use of the QR codes indicated in many areas of the park, including at entrances, stores and water facilities, in addition to various other recreation/convenience facilities scattered around the park.
    Smartphone apps can be downloaded from ‘Hangang’ or ‘Hangang Park’ at the Android-Google Market.

    For further details about the Hangang Smartphone Information Helper, please call the Admin Office of the Hangang Project HQ at +82-2-3780-0731 or visit the office website http://hangang.seoul.go.kr/eng/ or the Mobile website http://m.hangang.seoul.go.kr