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  • “Everyone Needs Mom” to be Opened in KakaoTalk Plus Friend

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    KakaoTalk Plus Friend’s “Everyone needs mom,” a communication channel to implement Seoul Metropolitan Government’s healing project dubbed “Everyone needs mom” in mobile equipment, has been established and opened to the public on September 1.

    “Everyone needs mom” is a cure relay program. People take part in the six-week program and subsequently encourage other people to attend the program after becoming cure activists.

    Last July 30, Seoul Metropolitan Government announced the plan for the promotion of said program for training 3,300 cure activists.

    The program lets anyone carry out activities as cure activists without difficulty in mobile communication space. By registering as a friend at “Everyone needs mom” at KakaoTalk, you can receive or give advice via your desired communication channel.

    [MOU for operational support for “Everyone needs mom” signed at Seoul City Hall on Aug. 27] An MOU for operational support for “Everyone needs mom” was signed on August 27 by Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon and Kakao President Lee Seok-u at the Seoul City Hall.

    Kakao will also operate a counseling office on wheel using a bus to cater to mentally anguished people.

    “The program is expected to help recover the important function of society associated with mind healing between people. The MOU signed with Kakao will go a long way in spreading the mind healing campaign through the mobile communication space,” Mayor Park Won Soon said.

    Photo associated with the project of mind healing of people
    (Source: The Cheonji Ilbo dated July 30, 2013)