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  • Everyday Korean Cultures Causing Possible Misunderstandings among Foreigners to be Explained

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will hold a free Cultural Views 2011 event in a bid to help foreigners living in Seoul better understand Korean cultures and customs, and introduce to them the kinds of practices and activities in Koreans’ daily lives that can often lead to misunderstandings among foreigners.

    Seoul Global Culture and Tourism Center

    Starting with the first lecture on May 26, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will offer the lecture series once a month on the topics of shopping, food, transportation, and family customs at Haechi Hall in the Seoul Global Culture and Tourism Center in Myeong-dong by November.

    The lecture series, entitled Cultural Views 2011: The Whys and Wherefores of Korean Ways, will be organized to allow foreigners to learn about the everyday words and behaviors of Koreans, which foreigners sometimes find hard to understand despite having lived in Korea for a long time, and to teach them practical methods of coping with them.

    The first lecture, on the theme of Seoul’s unique shopping facilities and Koreans’ shopping habits, will be held from 2 pm to 4 pm on May 26.

    Notably, this lecture will showcase Koreans’ routine way of life, and give detailed explanations of cultural characteristics which could easily lead to misunderstandings among foreigners who are unaware of them. Participants will have a chance to learn what the sophisticated hand gestures of parking guides and assistants at Korean department stores mean, and whether Koreans don’t apologize even after accidently bumping into a stranger or stepping on a stranger’s toes but fail to apologize because Koreans are ill-mannered.

    Any foreigners wishing to learn about everyday Korean cultures, as well as Koreans who are interested in cultural exchange with foreigners, may attend the lectures. Those interested are requested to call (+82-2-3789-7961) or send an email to (seoulcenter@seoulwelcome.com) before the lectures, or to apply in person at the Seoul Global Culture and Tourism Center in Myeong-dong, where the lectures will take place.