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  • Establishment of the “Seoul Tourist Help Center” for the Tourist Industry Suffering Due to COVID-19

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Tourism Association will establish the new “Seoul Tourist Help Center,” an online channel for consultations, which will begin operations in August.
    The “Seoul Tourist Help Center” was organized to communicate with Seoul-based tourism businesses that are experiencing difficulties due to the COVID-19 crisis. In light of the “untact” era, the help center will establish an online window for communication that will minimize face-to-face contact and answer questions of tourism businesses. It is expected to improve business efficiency and convenience.
    Many tourism businesses are facing a critical situation due to COVID-19. There are 11,663 tourism businesses that are registered in Seoul, and among them, 8,213 (70%) belong to the travel industry.
    The “Seoul Tourist Help Center” will listen to the concerns of each industry and find concrete solutions to offer aid in terms of business management. The SMG will also arrange an advisory committee comprised of consultants and accountants, as well as personnel in the fields of labor, law, media, and politics, to offer substantial consultations.
    To visit the help center, search “Seoul Tourist Help Center” on the KakaoTalk messenger app to add the channel, and then send a message to the advisory staff. The help center will also organize complaints by industry and field to publish “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)” and the “Top 3 Inconveniences” on the Seoul Tourism Association’s website every month.