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  • Establishment of “Seoul Learn” for Nondiscriminatory Education

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) has established the Basic Plan for the Establishment of a Seoul-type Educational Platform (tentative name: “Seoul Learn”) to restore the broken educational ladder and reduce the educational disparity between social classes.

    The plan consists of introduction, establishment and expansion stages for teenagers, youths and all citizens that will be implemented over a three-year period starting in 2021, and the SMG’s main goal is to complete the project as an EduTech-based platform for lifelong learning, which will support the educational requirements needed in all of Seoul citizens’ cycle of life.

    This year, the introductory stage will take place with the lifelong learning portal through which educational contents will be provided via the Seoul Learn website to teenagers of low-income classes (including out-of-school teens and students of multicultural families) who have difficulty gaining access to educational resources. Custom mentoring services will also be provided to fill the educational gaps and coach students about self-directed learning abilities.

    Starting next year, the project will be extended to general teenagers and youths in addition to the establishment of an educational platform that incorporates advanced educational technology. The platform is expected to be completed by 2023 as an open lifelong learning environment and playground that all citizens can enjoy as consumers and producers of education.

    The SMG will first offer online educational content (i.e. curriculum, extracurricular programs) to teenagers of low-income classes (i.e. beneficiaries of basic income, middle class with less than 50% in median income), out-of-school teenagers, and teenagers of multicultural families through the Seoul Learn website starting late-August.

    Seoul Learn online mentors will be selected through a document review and interview of student applicants attending universities based in Seoul. The first selection will take place on Aug. 16 with preference given certified teachers. Selected individuals will interact with participating students online and keep track of students’ progress, offer counseling, and recommend curriculum suitable to each student. Mentors will also partner with other organizations’ mentoring programs to support and expand its online and offline mentoring services.