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  • Ep. 7_Seoul’s Safety and Security With Soosemi!

  • Events & Announcements SMG 10194

    The seventh installment of daily life in Seoul with Soosemi!

    Did you know that Seoul is safe all night long as much as it is during the day?
    Let’s take a look at Seoul’s urban policy that keeps citizens safe!

    Do you live alone? Don’t worry!
    Seoul provides 24-hour protective services for single-person households
    from home security devices to night patrol escorts and safety assistance officers!

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government is implementing various policies for the safety of citizens!

    Check out Soosemi’s story on Seoul’s safety and security with her friend Sally!

    * Soosemi (@soosemi_diary) writes witty and sensible sitcom of everyday life with cute drawings in vibrant colors.

    Sally and I were on our way back home after dinner./ I really liked Bulgogi! Next time, I will come with my family! Aren't you scared of going home late alone? / Not at all!

    The day and night in Seoul are very safe! There are various policies for the safety of people living alone. One of them is a 24-hour home security service!

    Door camera / A door cam spots any stranger wandering around the door. The police comes right away when there is an emergency! / Wow! Monitoring 24 hours!

    This alley is a bit dark, and scary. / Don't worry! There are people who protect you in the dark alleys! / We will! / They patrol and keep citizens safe when going home late. Just like bodyguards! / Sheriff for safe town

    They light up the dark alleys and keep citizens safe! / Also, we have police in our back! / I feel so safe!

    This is an emergency bell I got from the Seoul Government. If you use this bell in an emergency, it will make a noise and automatically notice your friends and the police! / Seoul is so safe even at night! I wanna live in Seoul, too! / Sure! Welcome to Seoul!  / Safe city, Seoul