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  • Enter the Seoul Tourism Souvenir Contest!

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    Enter Seoul Tourism Souvenir Contest

    Seoul Metropolitan City will hold a “Seoul Tourism Souvenir Contest” to develop various souvenirs to symbolize Seoul under the themes of Seoullo 7017, Lotte World Tower and 63 Square.

    The Seoul Tourism Souvenir Contest, which is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year, aims at developing practical souvenirs of high marketability which tourists can cherish their memories of Seoul.

    The theme for this contest designated by Seoul Metropolitan City is Seoullo 7017 and those designated by the private sector are Lotte World Tower and 63 Square. The contestants can also submit works under other themes that symbolize Seoul.

    A total of 113 works will be selected to compete for prizes, such as 100 for the theme designated by Seoul Metropolitan City and 13 for the themes selected by the private sector. Of the 100 entries for the theme of Seoul Metropolitan City, 20 works will be selected and awarded in the categories of Grand Prize, Gold Prize, Silver Prize and Bronze Prize, which come with the prize money of KRW 30 million, KRW 15 million, KRW 8 million and KRW 6 million respectively. As for the Idea Prize, a certificate of commendation will be presented to 80 entries regardless of the themes. The prizewinning works will be displayed for sale at the DDP Store and at the gift shops in Lotte World Tower and 63 Square.

    For the entries under the themes selected by the private sector, Lotte World Grand Prize , Gold Prize, Silver Prize and Bronze Prize and Hanwha Hotels & Resorts Grand Prize, Gold Prize and Silver prize will be presented. The prizewinners will receive a certificate of award together with prize money in line with the companies’ purchase of their works.

    • Application Period: Jul. 7 – 13, 2017
    • E-mail for Registration: seoul_ts@seouldesign.or.kr
    • Document Submission Period: Jul. 14 – 17, 2017
    • Document Submission to: Design & Craft Industry Team, Seoul Design Foundation on 3rd Floor, DDP Sallimteo and Fashion Art Hall on 5th Floor, U:US Building
    • Inquiry: Seoul Design Foundation, 82-2-2153-0088