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  • Enjoy Your Weekend at the Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market

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    Citizens gathering around food trucks in Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market

    Citizens gathering around food trucks in Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market

    Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market is a market that opens at night and disappears in the morning like dokkaebi, a type of demon or ogre in Korean folklore and fairy tales.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government opens the market from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. every Friday and Saturday, and is expanding it to four new locations, introducing a unique theme to each.

    The SMG is planning to develop the market into another cultural tourist attraction by soliciting the participation of local institutions and organizations related to culture, art, and sports, all according to the unique concept of the location, in order to host markets full of things to eat, see, and buy.

    The market is also expected to create jobs for the young. Mayor Park Won-soon visited one of the markets as part of the Great Voyage for Jobs, and said that he hopes the expansion of the markets will give the young who operate food trucks and sales businesses more job opportunities.

    Location Concept & Contents
    Concept Details
    Han River Park,
    (from March)
    World Market-
    Overnight World Travel
    ◦ World’s Traditional Handicrafts and food (70 General teams, 30 food teams)
    ◦ World Traditional Dances and Performances
    (from May)
    Youth Runway &
    Dancing Night
    ◦ Young Business Owners’ Innovative Items, Urban Farmers’ Produce (50 general teams, 15 food teams)
    ◦ Fashion Show and B-boy Performance
    Mokdong Stadium
    (from July)
    Leports Market–
    Extreme Sports Campsite
    ◦ Sales & Repair of Used Sporting Goods, Camping Food (50 General Teams, 15 Food Teams)
    ◦ Unicycle Performances, Board Games, etc.
    Cheonggye Square
    (from May)
    Seasonal Market ◦ Event Prize, Refreshments (50 General Teams, 10 Food Teams)
    ◦ Magic, Performances, etc.


    Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market starts at Yeouido in March 2016 and will gradually expand to DDP and Cheonggye Plaza in May and Mokdong Stadium in July.

    The first night market of 2016 will open at Cascade Plaza, Han River Park on the 31st. Under the theme of “Overnight World Travel,” 70 general teams and 30 food trucks will participate.
    Its shopping section will provide a variety of hand-made products from all over the world. In the food section, Korea-famous food trucks will provide a variety of food including Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and Western food, which will showcase the young chefs’ pride and principles.

    In the performance section, which will light up the night of the market, you can enjoy a number of spectacles, such as traditional and modern performances, busking, and guerilla performances.

    The theme of the DDP night market, which will open in May, is “Young Runway & Dancing Night,” which will cover mainly visitors in their 20s. Young business owners’ innovative items, urban farmers’ produce, fashion shows, and b-boy performances will be held.

    Mokdong Stadium Night Market, which will begin in July, will embody the concept of “Leports Market- Extreme Campsite,” focusing on camping food and selling and repairing used sporting goods. You will also be able to enjoy unicycle performances and board games.

    Once the operation in each place beings, the market will meet regularly with citizens every Friday and Saturday until October. However, Cheonggye Plaza Night Market will only be held occasionally as a special seasonal market.


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