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  • Enjoy the Seoul Food Culture Festival for 7 Days

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    환경을 위한 지속가능한 먹거리이야기 2019 서울 먹거리 문화축제 2019. 10. 28(월)~11. 3.(일) 도시먹거리 국제 컨퍼런스, 요리 경연대회, 지구밥상 실천 서약식, 농부의 시장, 발효 이야기

    The “2019 Seoul Food Culture Festival” that will be cooking and sharing foods that are sustainable for me, us, and the environment will be held for one week from October 28 to November 3.

    As a channel that reconnects the social relationships that were disconnected through the rise in the popularity of one-person households, dining alone, and dining out, this year’s “Seoul Food Culture Festival” will share the value of the “table.” The festival will become the center of expansion for food and cultural activities that take into consideration the earth and the environment together with the citizens. For this event, Seoul will hold a total of 43 events with 57 organizations throughout the city.

    First, Seoul will open the “Pledge Ceremony for Earth-friendly Table Practices” at the main stairway of the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts in Jongno-gu on the 28th to present the pledge to create a “Happy Earth with a Healthy Table,” promise to keep the pledge, and enforce the campaign.

    Starting on the 29th, the city will host the Seoul Food Culture Symposium, special humanities lectures on traditional Korean foods, and the Seoul Urban Food Policy Conference. Twelve events will continue throughout November with the “Healthy and Happy Story with Vegetables” (1 day), the “Talk Concert with the Millennial Generation” (2 days), and more under organization by the city of Seoul.

    Regarding private events, 22 events by 39 organizations will be held throughout the city.

    All citizens interested in healthy food can participate in this event. More information can be found on the Food Safety Information website (http://fsi.seoul.go.kr), the Seoul City website (http://www.seoul.go.kr), or the Seoul Food Life Support Center (http://www.seoulnutri.co.kr). Cooking contests and other events may require prior registration or participation fees, and those wishing to participate may partake in the events after receiving confirmation.