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  • Enjoy the Seollal Holiday at Home with Arts and Culture from Trot and Gugak Performances to Events!

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    Enjoy the Seollal Holiday at Home with Arts and Culture from Trot and Gugak Performances to Events!
    “Culture Todak Todak 2021, Start Again” performance “Culture Todak Todak 2021, Start Again” performance
    “Culture Todak Todak 2021, Start Again” performance “Culture Todak Todak 2021, Start Again” performance
    Untact Gugak Week Untact Gugak Week
    Untact Gugak Week Untact Gugak Week
    Seollal celebration event at Namsangol Hanok Village Seollal Festival at Unhyeongung Palace
    Seollal celebration event at Namsangol Hanok Village Seollal Festival at Unhyeongung Palace

    Although we all want to visit our hometowns and see our families for Seollal this year, we must refrain from traveling for the sake of everyone’s safety. As such, the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) has prepared a variety of arts and culture programs so that citizens can enjoy the holiday spirit from their homes, including a folk game photo event, online trot and gugak performances, and small-scale traditional Korean customs experiences at traditional culture facilities.

    In celebration of the major Korean holiday that kicks off the new year, experience traditional folk games and traditional customs that are disappearing these days, and indulge in performances that men and women, young and old can enjoy from the first row without leaving your room. Major programs include the ① folk game photo event, ② online performances, and ③ Seollal customs experience.

    <①Event that offers gifts to those who post photos playing “traditional folk games” that are disappearing, held for the first time this year>

    For the first time, the SMG is hosting an event that offers gifts to those who post photos of themselves enjoying folk games, such as kite flying and yunnori (traditional Korean board game). Take a photo with a Seollal folk game filter (i.e. “kite flying,” “yunnori”) offered on popular camera apps, such as “SNOW” or “B612.” Then, post the photo on your personal social media account using the required hashtags.
    The event will be held for 3 weeks from Wed, Feb. 10 to Tue, Mar. 2, 2021. 1,000 gift recipients will be chosen through a lottery to receive a gift certificate worth KRW 5,000. Uploaded photos of those actually enjoying folk games that are not taken with a camera app will also be accepted for participation, as long as the post includes the required hashtags.

    [How to Participate in the Event]

    Step 1. Take a photo with a “Lunar New Year’s folk game filter” offered on camera apps such as “SNOW” or “B612.”

    Step 2. Post the photo on your personal Instagram or Facebook account using the required hashtags. Those who post the photo together with photos of those actually enjoying folk games will have a better chance of winning.

    *Required Hashtags: #서울은_민속놀이중 (Seoul is currently playing folk games) #문화로토닥토닥 (Culture Todak Todak)

    Step 3. Follow the SMG Culture Headquarters’ Instagram or Facebook and leave a comment on the event post with “I participated.”

    <②Trot, gugak, music x comedy that can be safely enjoyed from the front row without leaving your room… performances that can be enjoyed by all generations>

    “Culture Todak Todak,” which uses culture and art to comfort citizens exhausted from the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, is returning together with special Seollal holiday performances. Trot singer Park Seo-jin, who received the most views on YouTube among the 20 videos of “Visiting Performances for Citizens’ Stories” in 2020, is making an appearance to announce the start of “Culture Todak Todak 2021.” This performance will be held on the stage of Unhyeongung Palace, a famous attraction that goes well with the atmosphere of the Seollal holiday. Watch the performance at 7 PM on Sat, Feb. 13 on the “Culture Todak Todak” YouTube channel.

    There will be a variety of performances, from trot to acoustic and operatic pop, with appearances from not only trot singer Park Seo-jin, but also the instrumental group “GrooVeus” and the operatic pop duo “Lim Deok-su and Jang Ha-eun.” Additionally, the “Culture Todak Todak” YouTube channel will be providing a collection of the “Visiting Performance” videos. A total of 3 videos will be posted, starting with the Comfort Episode (Tue, Feb. 2), followed by the Support Episode (Tue, Feb. 16) and the Healing Episode (Tue, Feb. 23).

    During the Seollal holiday, you can enjoy diverse gugak performances online, from traditional to fusion genres. For “Untact Gugak Week” from Wed, Feb. 10 to Tue, Feb. 16, 2021, two gugak performance videos will be posted on YouTube every day at 6 PM, making for a total of 14 videos. In addition, the Seoul Donhwamun Traditional Theater’s Undang-yeogwan Concert will also be presenting top-class performances with appearances by master vocalist Lee Chun-hui and singer Lee Hui-mun on Seollal (Fri, Feb. 12). Undang-yeogwan Concerts can be viewed on Seoul Donhwamun Traditional Theater’s YouTube and NAVER TV channels every Friday until Fri, Feb. 26.

    There will also be performances for the elderly who cannot leave the house or meet friends due to COVID-19. At the “Theater of Youth,” a cultural space for the elderly, Korean MC Song Hae, comedian Shim Hyeong-rae, and trot singers Bae Ah-hyeon and Hong Jam-eon will be making appearances for the “Let’s Laugh, Young People” performance. The performance will be held at 2 PM on Sat, Feb. 13. Reservations for 130 seats will be available until Fri, Feb. 12 for those who want to enjoy the performance in person at the “Theater of Youth.” The performance will be broadcast live on the SMG’s YouTube channel for those who cannot attend the performance in person.

    <Traditional New Year’s customs experiences at Unhyeongung Palace and Namsangol Hanok Village… safe enjoyment following the disinfection/prevention measures!>

    The SMG will also be hosting an event where guests can personally experience traditional New Year’s customs at Unhyeongung Palace and Namsangol Hanok Village during the Seollal holiday. This year, the event has been safely planned in compliance with the disease control and prevention measures, such as limiting admissions in consideration of the facilities’ total area and restricting participation by groups of 5 or more.

    From Fri, Feb. 12 to Sat, Feb. 13, 2021, the Namsangol Seollal Festival “Myeongnangsoseol” will be held in the plaza of Namsangol Hanok Village. You can enjoy traditional Seollal culture with experiences, such as “Yutjeon” which predicts your fortune in the New Year with 64 lines of flower language; “Special Memorial Service Table Exhibition: SEE” which explains the proper way to set up the confusing memorial service table; and five traditional games.

    From Thu, Feb. 11 to Sun, Feb. 14, “Seollal Festival in Unhyeongung Palace” will be held at Unhyeongung Palace. You can experience traditional folk games, such as jegichagi, tuho (arrow-throwing), and archery, and experience traditional customs for wishing for a happy new year, such as writing a New Year’s wish on a piece of paper and tying it to a tree or making a talisman for wishing for luck in the New Year. There will also be a program held where a professional calligraphy artist writes down New Year’s blessings for you.

    There will also be contactless events that can be enjoyed safely from one’s home. From Thu, Feb. 11 to Sun, Feb. 14, Donuimun Museum Village will be providing different videos each day, including narrated fairy tales that explain traditional Seollal customs, reading one’s fortune for the new year for fun, making traditional kites, and making cow-shaped soap. These events will provide unique fun to the citizens spending the Seollal holiday at home.

    Along with this, there will be a sharing event that choses winners to receive a “Sliced Rice Cake Soup Meal Kit (2 servings)” through a lottery amongst those who leave a Happy New Year’s message on Donuimun Museum Village’s Instagram account. There will also be a citizen participatory event that chooses makers of excellent works to receive a small gift amongst those who watch the “Making Coronavirus-Preventing Cow Soap” video to make cow-shaped soap and post the process to their Instagram using the required hashtags.

    The exhibition “Wonderful Days for Everyone,” where you can check out new and refreshing works of emerging artists online, will also be available starting on Tue, Feb. 9. The SMG will be presenting 500 works of art online that were purchased through a contest in order to support artists who are experiencing difficulties in their creative activities due to COVID-19.

    The various pieces of art, including paintings, photos, sculptures, and media, are on exhibit, and anyone can view them any time through the exhibition website (wonderfuldays.seoul.kr).

    Exhibitions are also being held at art museums and museums throughout Seoul, such as the Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul Museum of History, and Seoul Baekje Museum, which resumed operation on Tue, Jan. 19. As they are being operated through reservations and restrictions on the number of visitors, please refer to each facility’s website for more details on their exhibitions. Reservations to visit the Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul Museum of History, and Seoul Baekje Museum can be made through the SMG’s Reservation for Public Service website (yeyak.seoul.go.kr).

    Find out more information on the culture and arts programs being held throughout the Seollal holiday via the Seoul Culture Portal (culture.seoul.go.kr) or social media accounts (e.g. Facebook, Instagram) of the SMG’s Culture Headquarters. Information on each program can be found on the website of each event or facility, or call Dasan Call Center (120) to make an inquiry.

    ○ Facebook: facebook.com/culture.seoul.go.kr
    ○ Instagram: www.instagram.com/seoulcity_culture