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  • Enjoy the floating winter concert

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    Floating Stage Concert

    A romantic winter concert program has been prepared featuring the sounds of acoustic guitar, rock and classical music for three weeks every weekend as of Dec. 4. Seoul City said. The series is taking place at the Yeouido Hangang Park’s Floating Stage.

    The “2010 Winter Concert” series opened with the “Love Actually Concert” at 7 p.m., which captivated the audience with its romantic melodies for 90 minutes.

    The opening concert offered “joy” to the women exhausted by child rearing, household duties or work life, Seoul City said. It added that aromatic candles and oils, and herb teas were offered to top off the whole experience for the female audience.

    Next on the program is the “Play the Harmony” concert to be held from Dec. 12 to 17. This program will feature both Korean and Japanese music.

    Dec. 4 (Sat.) Featuring artist: Ha Yu-jin, Dec. 12 (Sun.) Featuring group: LOOVEE

    This concert will be the second installment after the “Korea-Japan Cultural Exchange Project” concert, which was held in October at the Floating Stage. The Japanese rock band “LOOVEE” will be making its first appearance in Korea.

    The “My Life’s Best Pianist Concert” will take place on Dec. 18 as of 7 p.m. This program is part of the city’s objective to discover new promising talented musicians with a focus on classical music soloists.

    Those who cannot attend any of the programs will be able to enjoy the Love Actually Concert and the Play the Harmony Concert as of the end of December on Cyworld and Youtube.