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  • Enjoy Skateboarding and Yoga at Gwanghwamun in June

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    Enjoy Skateboarding and Yoga at Gwanghwamun in June

    Seoul plans to paint a new, special picture by holding more diverse programs in June as part of its Sejong-daero pedestrian-friendly street events.

    On June 17, the ‘Seoul 365 Fashion Show,’ with its runway set against Gwanghwamun as the background, will be held twice, at 2:30 pm and 4 pm. There will also be a Korean event in celebration of UN International Day of Yoga, joined by 3,000 yogis.

    On June 24, ‘Go Skateboarding Day’, a worldwide skateboarding festival will be held. It will include a skateboarding competition as well as various experience programs for the general public.

    There will also be street busking performances as well as the ‘Citizens’ Open Stage’ where people can freely engage in performances of the song, dance, and musicals. Sejong-daero car-free street events will be run every Sunday until the end of June, after which there will be a break in operations so as to avoid the extreme summer heat before starting back up again in September.

    From 10 am to 7 pm on Sundays on which events are held, traffic in the direction of Gwanghwamun three-way intersection → Sejong-daero intersection will be restricted. The city of Seoul requests that public transportation be used as much as possible, and that vehicle operator who plan to use roads in the vicinity check information regarding detours in advance.

    Also, 40 buses that normally travel along Sejong-daero will operate along alternate routes, and 3 bus stops within the car-free zone between Gwanghwamun → Sejong-daero will be closed. Therefore, those wishing to arrive by bus should get off at a nearby stop such as Gwanghwamun (in front of Dongwha Duty Free) or Jongno 1(-ga (in front of Jonggak) and walk, or should take the subway instead.

    The city of Seoul also offers transportation information through the ☎ 120 Dasan Seoul Call Center, the Seoul Transport Operation & Information Service website (topis.seoul.go.kr), mobile web (m.topis.seoul.go.kr), and the Pedestrian-Friendly Street website (www.seoul.go.kr/story/walk).

    June Event Program (Plan)

    • □ Rest in the Midst of the City
      • ο Rest on the street
        • – Artificial turf citizen picnic zone, camping lounge, parasol rest zone, etc.
      • ο Learn and play on the street
        • – Recreational experience program, street bookshelf, street arts zone (busking performances, etc.)
        • – Open stage that can be used by any member of the citizenry
    • □ Special Events
      • ο Bookmarket (June 10 and 24, 12pm-5pm)
        • – Secondhand book marketplace, visiting bookstore, Cheonggyecheon used bookstore introduction, book exchange
      • ο Seoul 365 Fashion Show (June 17, 2:30pm and 4pm)
        • – The street transformed into a runway! Street fashion show with Gwanghwamun as the background, preliminary performance
      • ο UN International Day of Yoga (June 17, 3:30pm)
        • – Event celebrating International Day of Yoga on June 21
      • ο Go Skateboarding Day (June 24, 12pm-5pm, Vans)
        • – Go Skateboarding Day event (skateboarding competition, Custom Culture experience event)
    June Event Program
    Rest zone Pedestrian and bicyclist safety education Bookmarket
    Rest zone Pedestrian and bicyclist safety education Bookmarket
    Seoul 365 Fashion Show UN International Day of Yoga Go Skateboarding Day
    Seoul 365 Fashion Show UN International Day of Yoga Go Skateboarding Day