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  • Enjoy Lively Works of Culture and Art in Gongdeok Subway Station

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    The subway, a care space in the daily lives of Seoulites, is turning into a culture and art gallery with applied cutting-edge augmented reality technology. The efforts of Seoul Metro are reaping results, after efforts to cut back on commercial advertisements and present culture and art to citizens.

    Seoul has prepared and opened U+ 5G Gallery in Gongdeok Station (Line 6) with the cooperation of LG U Plus. The U+ 5G Gallery at Gongdeok Station is comprised of four sections: ▲ the platform gallery that will be installed on safety doors, ▲ the pop-up gallery that will be installed in the transfer passageway between the Line 5 and Line 6 platforms, ▲ the transfer stairs gallery that will be installed beside the transfer stairs and at the top of the escalator, and ▲ the train gallery that will be installed inside the Line 6 trains. The galleries will be in operation for about six months, until February 28, 2020, and everyone is welcome to enjoy the displayed works.

    The platform gallery allows passengers to appreciate the artwork while waiting for the train. The works of art are installed on the billboards beside the safety doors. Unlike existing advertisements, the artwork is viewable from 360 degrees, making them seem as though they are alive, when viewed through Google Lens or through mobile phones on which the U+ AR app is installed.

    The works of art that are to be installed on the billboards beside the safety doors on the platform gallery (examples)

    The pop-up gallery is a separate experience space located in the transfer passageway between Line 6 and Line 5 (Gyeongui-Jungang Line) that can be used by passengers using the airport railroad. Visitors can appreciate unique works of art through the digital frames and mobile phones and devices for the AR experience that is furnished in the gallery.

    A full view of the pop-up gallery

    The transfer stairs gallery has artworks hung on the walls beside the stairs and escalator that are located between line 6 and other lines so that passengers can enjoy the artworks while transferring. The works to be installed include Cosmos Odyssey by Kwon O-chul.

    A view of the stairs gallery (example)

    The train gallery is installed in one of the Line 6 trains to make it a special gallery that displays a variety of works of art. When passengers open an app on their mobile phones, they can watch the artworks move. In addition, the facilities that can be easily ignored, such as the columns on the platform, will be decorated with artwork, allowing citizens to naturally view and accept the art.