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  • Enjoy Cutting-edge Dating at Sangam-dong DMC

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    Why not visit Sangam-dong DMC (Digital Media City) where you can enjoy diverse experiences of the future, culture, and the arts? All the facilities here are available for use free of charge, and they are expected to gain popularity as a hidden jewel course for dating couples who lack money.

    Dating course

    1) The “Future City Experience Dating” course takes couples to the Digital Pavilion, where they can see demonstrations of state-of-the-art IT technologies at the DMC Gallery. The ceiling of the recently launched Digi-Roof at the DMC Gallery is installed with multiple screens, while various forms of mirrors are installed on its sides to make users feel as if they are in the space. Visitors can also take photos of the Digi-Roof using their smartphones.

    DMC Gallery, Digital Pavilion

    At the 3D Video Pavilion in the DMC Gallery, visitors can view various 3D graphics and videos filmed with special cameras. The DMC Gallery operates from 10 am to 6 pm Monday through Saturday, and is closed on Sundays and national holidays. For further inquiries, please dial +82-2-309-7067. The Digital Pavilion offers a presentation of IT technologies showcased in present and future living. It houses the Exploration Center on the second floor, and the Imagination Center on the third floor, allowing visitors to experience housing and homes of the future, including healthcare systems and home networking systems. The Digital Pavilion is closed on Sundays and traditional national holidays. For further inquiries, please dial +82-2-2132-0500.

    2) The Art Culture Mania Dating course consists of a visit to the Korean Film Museum, where visitors can appreciate the history of Korean movies and artworks, and the symbolic sculptures of the DMC. The Korean Film Museum housed on the first floor of the DMC Culture Contents Center is a space where visitors can explore the 100-year history of Korean movies and appreciate representative Korean films. Visitors can also discover how movies and animations are produced, as well as put edited movie films into a cine projector, observe the process of a projecting a movie on a screen, learn how damaged films are restored, and experience the Diorama (3-dimensional exhibition of objects within a small space) of the set used for the production of the award-winning movie Milyang (Secret Sunshine).

    Korean Film Museum, Millennium Eye - Sculpture symbolizing the DMC

    The Korean Film Museum is closed on Mondays and traditional national holidays. For further inquiries, please dial +82-2-3153-2001. The museum offers a monthly forum, in which participants discuss an interesting theme related to the history of Korean movies. For further inquiries, please dial +82-2-3153-2001. When night falls, visitors are invited to visit Digital Media Street, Korea’s first intelligent street. The 190 street lights (called IP Intelights) installed on this street change colors and brightness according to the movements of pedestrians, while allowing people to listen to music and use the wireless internet. The Millennium Eye, a representative sculpture symbolizing the DMC at Guryong Neighborhood Park, projects in real time images of the skies over Montevideo in Uruguay, on the other side of the planet earth. Whenever someone sends a message, it is displayed at the bottom of the sculpture.