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  • Enjoy Culture at Oil Tank Culture Park

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    Enjoy Culture at Oil Tank Culture Park

    The Mapo Oil Depot, a grade 1 security facility which has been strictly prohibited from public access and usage over the past 41 years, has been transformed into an environment-friendly culture space featuring festivals, performances, exhibitions and village markets since September 1, 2017.
    The Seoul Metropolitan Government is operating various participatory programs created, produced, and shared among citizens at the Oil Tank Culture Park.

    Culture Plaza

    ○ Dalsijang, My Family’s Lifestyle
    – Dalsijang market is an environment-friendly village market held around the time the moon comes out that does not use any disposable goods. The market taking place at Culture Plaza is held on the second Saturday of each month and participated by residents, social economy entrepreneurs, and young local artists. The first Dalsijang Market will be operated on September 9 (Saturday) between 5am and 9pm. When you visit the market, make sure to bring your cup and shopping basket!

    ○ Bicycle Music Festival for Urban Nomads, Moving Bicycle City@Oil Tank Culture Park
    – Bicycle Music Festival featuring a restaurant connected to a bicycle, a moving playground with a large tire and bicycle and various artistic performances will take place on September 9 (Saturday) along with Dalsijang Market.

    ○ Project ‘Nalda’ @Circus performance All Bounce
    – Balloon energy is required to make the trampoline airplanes that fell into the Oil Tank Culture Park fly again. All Bounce is a participatory circus in which the members bounce on trampolines and perform with the assistance of the audience. The event will be held at Culture Plaza on September 9 (Saturday), 2017 starting at 4pm.

    ○ Bamdokkaebi Night Market@Oil Tank Culture Park
    -Night market with food and handmade products will be held on Fridays and Saturdays between September 23 and October 28.


    ○ 2017 Seoul Architecture Festival (Title: Blurring the Boundaries)
    -Between September 1 and 24, view the architect of the year and Hangang Architecture Awards at T6 and the 25th Seoul Metropolitan Government Architecture Awards and Architecture Storytelling Exhibition.


    ○ Maebongsan Ecosystem Play Map Workshop
    – Walk along Maebongsan path surrounding the Oil Tank Culture Park and survey the ecosystem of Maebongsan and have fun at the “Maebongsan Ecosystem Play Map Workshop.” The program will be carried out 12 times between 10am and 1pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays from September 6 to October 19, 2017.

    ○ Learning about the Environment through Magic “Magical Culture Park”
    – Children’s environmental magic workshop using natural elements such as fire, water, and wood at Oil Tank Culture Park. Held at the T6 Communication Center Creative Lab in the Oil Tank Culture Park between September 16 (Saturday) and 17 (Sunday), 2017.

    The ‘Oil Tank Culture Park’ is located within a seven minute walk from World Cup Stadium Station Line 6.It is connected to a walking path formed along the ridges of Maebongsan Mountain and you can view the park, the World Cup Stadium and the Mapo-gu area at the observatory on the summit of Maebongsan Mountain (93.9m). On October 14 and 15, 2017, the Citizen Festival Celebrating the Opening will be held.