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  • Enjoy Bike Rides and Romantic Moments along the Hangang River

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    Enjoy Bike Rides and Romantic Moments along the Hangang River

    • – Enjoy the middle of spring in Korea on a bicycle!
    • – Be revitalized by the energy of nature along the Hangang River in the heart of Seoul
    • – Four bike courses that show you the best the Hangang River has to offer:
    • * Course 1: Cheonhodaegyo-Jamsildaegyo Course, from Jamsil Stadium to Amsa Ecology Park (5 km)
    • * Course 2: Seongsandaegyo-Mapodaegyo Course, from Seoul Forest to Gwangjingyo Bridge (5 km)
    • * Course 3: Yeouido Hangang Park-Saetgang Ecology Park Course, through canola fields (8 km)
    • * Course 4: Banpodaegyo-Hangangdaegyo Course, from Mangwon to Mapodaegyo Bridge (4 km)
    • – Make your own one-of-a-kind bicycle.

    The Hangang River, flowing through the center of Seoul,
    offers some of the city’s best and most romantic scenery, both day and night.
    However, the beauty of the Hangang River is best enjoyed while riding a bicycle.
    Here are our four favorite bike courses, which offer the best views of the Hangang River
    and surrounding areas.

    Bukhansan Mountain Walking trails along the Hangang River


    Feel the life energy and nature flowing through the heart of Seoul

    There are two major gifts of nature that shape the topography and landscape of Seoul. One is Bukhansan Mountain, a national park that serves as the scenic backdrop to the northern part of Seoul. The other is the Hangang River, a flow of life energy that cuts the city in half from east to west.

    These natural features continue to inspire and reenergize the people of Seoul, who are prone to the fatigue and stress caused by the economy and their hectic urban lives.

    The Hangang River, stretching for 41.5 kilometers through the heart of Seoul, occupies 6.6 percent of the city’s territory. The longest, safest, and most scenic bike courses in Korea are all found along this river. As the bike paths along this river are connected to tributaries, surrounding towns, and the other three of the four major rivers of Korea, they extend a total of 106 kilometers.

    We would like to invite you to enjoy the best views of the Hangang River amid the gentle spring breeze along any of our four favorite bike courses.

    ① Course 1: Cheonhodaegyo Bridge-Jamsildaegyo Bridge, from Jamsil Stadium to Amsa Ecology Park (5 km)

    This course is beautiful all year round, but its scenery is most spectacular in fall, when there are endless waves of reed flowers. End your ride at Amsa Ecology Park and take in the height of fall.

    Bike path across Gwangnaru Hangang Park Amsa Ecology Park


    The first bike course Seoul recommends is the one between Jamsil Stadium and Amsa Ecology Park. After departing from the stadium, take the promenade by the lake and head upstream along the Hangang River. Via the eodo, a passageway for freshwater fish, you will arrive at Gwangnaru Hangang Park, featuring wide roads covered with granite sand. You can even watch fish traveling upstream via the underwater periscopes installed along the eodo. We also recommend that you take some time to see Amsa Ecology Park, located right by Cheonhodaegyo Bridge. The long and winding path features a wide range of shrubs, trees, and flowers, displaying the richness of every season, while the bird-watching observatory allows visitors to observe aquatic and migratory birds without disturbing them. This narrow, kilometer-long ecology park, standing on an area that used to be covered by concrete blocks, is the perfect place for couples and families to take leisurely strolls together. The area is particularly beautiful in fall, when the reeds grow as tall as people, and their flowers bloom and dance in the wind.

    ② Course 2: Seongsandaegyo Bridge-Mapodaegyo Bridge, from Seoul Forest to Gwangjingyo Bridge (5 km)

    A wide, straight path that allows bicyclists
    to experience the joy of speed

    Bike path across Gwangnaru Hangang Park J-Bug on Ttukseom Island


    The five-kilometer-long bike path that runs in a straight line between Seongsandaegyo Bridge and Mapodaegyo Bridge offers an unobstructed view and the refreshingly cool breeze from the river all along the route. In particular, the wide, straight path between Seongsandaegyo Bridge and Yanghwadaegyo Bridge is favored among bicyclists who want to go fast. Countless bicyclists frequent this course to enjoy the vast, panoramic view of the urban landscape, which includes Namsan Mountain, Bamseom Island, and the skyscrapers of Seoul’s urban center.

    Cross the overpass from Seoul Forest to Hangang River and you will arrive at Seongsudaegyo Bridge. Beyond the bridge is a highway-like walking trail that stretches for 1.5 kilometers or so. If you keep walking toward Cheongdamdaegyo Bridge, you will arrive at Ttukseom Hangang Park, which offers a lush green forest all year round and features 650 trees of four coniferous varieties, including 600 Hinoki cypress, pine, and fir trees. The park also houses the Rainbow Aroma Garden, featuring seven rows of 20 flowering plants, including 1,100 rose trees, lilies, and tulips.

    ③ Course 3: Yeouido Hangang Park-Saetgang Ecology Park, through canola fields (8 km)

    A brief and energizing bike ride in the company of loved ones
    Flat roads and unique lighting make this route a perfect bike course even at night.

    Saetgang Ecology Park (Yeouido) Moonlight Rainbow Fountain on Banpodaegyo Bridge


    The most popular part of the bike course extending from Jamwon to Yichon Hangang Park via Banpo in springtime is undoubtedly the canola fields on Seoraeseom Island, part of Banpo Hangang Park, which exudes an incredible energy through the vivid yellow flower blossoms early every May. Banpo Hangang Park also attracts couples and families all year round with its beautiful nightscape. By day, enjoy the abundant blossoms of tulips and fringe trees, which decorate the road from the Park Information Center to Seoraeseom Island. By night, watch the “breathing flower” blossom over Some Sevit and enjoy the fantastic lighting along Banpodaegyo Bridge.

    The bike path across from Yichon Hangang Park features red and purple poppy blossoms as well as a pleasant field of green barley in late May.

    The best bike path at night is Dulle-gil along Yeouido Island. This eight-kilometer course, extending from Yeouido Hangang Park to Saetgang Ecology Park, features flat and well-lit roads that are perfect for family nights out as well. The first ecology park ever created in Korea, Yeouido’s Saetgang Ecology Park attracts large numbers of children and families with its abundant ecosystems, encompassing berthing facilities, aquatic plant routes, and ponds.

    ④ Course 4: Banpodaegyo Bridge-Hangangdaegyo Bridge, from Mangwon to Mapodaegyo Bridge (4 km)

    A breezy bike path
    that offers romantic nightscapes

    This straight bike path stretches for about five kilometers along the walking trail behind the Mangwon Hangang Park Swimming Pool. To access this path, take the subway and get off at Mapo-gu Office Station. Take Exit 7 and walk a little until you see the small, quiet Hongjecheon Stream. On one side of the river is Nanji Hangang Park, while on the other is a 1.6-kilometer road covered in granite sand. The residents of the 16 neighborhoods of Mapo district have created a vast field of flowers (3,800 square meters in total) in front of the water ski course in Nanji Hangang Park.

    The bike course from Banpodaegyo Bridge to Hangangdaegyo Bridge offers a clear view of the surrounding urban landscape by day and romantic nightscapes at night. Banpo Hangang Park attracts large numbers of couples riding bicycles together, as it is renowned as the best venue from which to enjoy the nightscapes along the Hangang River. Especially, you do not want to miss the “breathing flower” blossoming over Some Sevit at night and the fantastic lighting along Banpodaegyo Bridge.

    Bike path through Mangwon Hangang Park Bike path through Banpo Hangang Park


    Make your own one-of-a-kind bicycle

    Did you know there is a special place for bicycle aficionados along the Hangang River where you can create your own bicycle? The Hangang Bike Workshop, run by the Banpo Hangang Park Management Office, offers various craft programs in which participants can make items for bicycles using wood, iron wire, and terra cotta. The workshop also provides free bicycling lessons and safety education. After enjoying a breezy bike ride along the river at Banpo Hangang Park with a loved one, stop by the workshop to learn how bicycles are made, see exotic and eccentric bicycles on display, and visit the riding class and repair shop. The workshop is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in January, February, November, and December; from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. in March, April, September, and October; and from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. in May, June, July, and August.

    Hangang Bike Workshop


    The clear blue sky, warm sunlight, and gentle breeze make you want to get out of the house and ride your bicycle somewhere, anywhere, in the city.

    The Hangang River is the best place to enjoy the arrival of spring, as it features hundreds of flower fields and scenic landscapes. You would be hard pressed to find an activity that tops speeding along the breezy Hangang River on a bicycle. While riding a bicycle along the river, you will forget all about any stress or worries you may have had. Especially for first-time visitors to Seoul, bike rides along the Hangang River are strongly recommended.