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  • Enjoy Beautiful Springtime at Seoul City Hall!

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government is holding the “Seoul, Blooming in Flowers” Exhibition at the lobby on the first floor of the City Hall from April 6th to 20th, 2016, celebrating springtime as part of the “Seoul, Blooming in Flowers” Campaign, a citizen-led urban forestation movement.

    The campaign is a citizen-led urban forestation movement aimed at supporting citizen’s activities to plant and taking care of flowers and trees in everyday life. As a result of encouraging citizens’ participation in forestation through cooperative governance with citizens and corporations, 1 million and 880 thousand trees have been planted over the past three years.

    The SMG has installed flower structures of the campaign so that citizens can easily see the spring-themed structure and take photos with them to promote a voluntary green culture.

    The exhibition is designed to help the citiznes enjoy spring and spread a green culture, encouraging people to plant and grow flowers and trees in daily life.


    Photos from the exhibition “Seoul, Blooming in Flowers

    Seoul, Blooming in Flowers Structure in Seoul Square Seoul, Blooming in Flowers Structure in Seoul Square
    Indoor exhibition Flower display using boxes, and other ornaments