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  • Enjoy Autumn in the City along 90 Seoul Foliage Trails

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    In light of weather center predictions of the peak foliage season to arrive in Seoul by early-November, Seoul introduces the “90 Seoul Foliage Trails” that can be enjoyed within the city’s vicinity.

    The “90 Seoul Foliage Trails” stretch a total of 150.95 km, with familiar zelkova trees, ginkgo trees, cherry blossoms, and beautiful metasequoia along the trails numbering approximately sixty-thousand.

    Seoul introduces four themed trails for people to enjoy this fall to help them break away from the rush of everyday life: ① foliage trails along water, ② foliage trails for outings, ③ foliage trails in the park, and ④ foliage trails for walks.

    More information on the “90 Seoul Autumn Trails” can be seen on the Seoul Metropolitan Government website at http://www.seoul.go.kr/story/autumn.

    Trail sections draped in fallen leaves will be left as is to the extent that traffic is not obstructed from October 29 to mid-November to let trail-goers feel that crisp crunch of the leaves under their feet.

    Top Picks of Beautiful Foliage Trails

    1. Foliage Trails along the water (13 trails)

    Foliage Trails along the water (13 trails)
    ○ Songjeong Riverside Trail
    Songjeong Riverside Trail
    The Songjeong Riverside Trail (from Seongdong-gyo Bridge to Jangpyeong-gyo Bridge) is a 4.7 km trail with a dense forest and autumn foliage of ginkgo trees, cherry blossoms, and zelkova trees.
    ○ Uicheon Riverside Trail
    Uicheon Riverside Trail
    The Uicheon Riverside Trail in Gangbuk-gu (from Sinchang-gyo Bridge to Wolgye 2-gyo Bridge) is known for its beautiful trail of fallen leaves.
    ○ Anyangcheon Trail
    Anyangcheon Trail
    Walk under the cherry blossom trees lined up on the 10.1 km trail along the Anyangcheon Stream (from Yangpyeong-gyo Bridge to Anyang Railroad Bridge) amid a wide array of wildflowers.

    2. Foliage Trails for Outings (17 trails)

    Foliage Trails for Outings (17 trails)
    ○ Samcheong-dong Trail
    Samcheong-dong Trail
    The Samcheong-dong Trail is a beautiful foliage trail with ginkgo trees and zelkova trees, with art galleries, workshops, and cafes galore in the vicinity of the Gyeongbokgung Palace and Samcheong-dong.
    ○ Deoksugung Trail
    Deoksugung Trail
    The Deoksugung Trail (from Daehanmun Gate to the Seoul Museum of Art) is a premier city trail that cannot be missed. Cultural sites, such as Deoksugung Palace, the Seoul Museum of Art, and Jeongdong Theater are also available for visitors to enjoy.
    ○ Itaewon-ro
    The ginkgo trees along Itaewon-ro (from Samgakji Station to Noksapyeong Station) are breathtaking, while trail-goers can enjoy exotic dining at the trendy Gyeongnidan-gil or Haebangchon after a stroll amid the foliage.
    ○ Cheonggyecheon Stream
    Cheonggyecheon Stream
    The autumn leaves that cut through Cheonggyecheon Stream and the city are beautiful. It’s adjoined by the Gwanghwamun Gate, Dongdaemun Gate, and the Seoul Folk Flea Market located in Sinseol-dong. It makes an excellent outing and shopping destination.

    3. Foliage Trails in the Park (19 trails)

    Foliage Trails in the Park (19 trails)
    ○ Namsan North Trail
    Namsan North Trail
    Needless to say, the Namsan North Trail is another landmark trail in/of the city, as well as a foliage trail draped in the foliage of cherry blossoms. Its pedestrian-friendly, traffic-free roadway allows people to appreciate the autumn leaves in leisure.
    ○ Seoul Forest
    Seoul Forest
    Seoul Forest connects with the Hangang River, with visitors fully able to enjoy the spirit of the deep forest while walking along an autumn scenery colored in ginkgo trees tinged with yellow.
    ○ Yangjae Citizen’s Forest
    Yangjae Citizen’s Forest
    The Yangjae Citizen’s Forest and the neighboring Culture and Arts Park demonstrate their impressive metasequoia foliage trails.
    ○ Songpanaru Neighborhood Park
    Songpanaru Neighborhood Park
    The Songpanaru Neighborhood Park (Seokchon Lake) also has beautiful, autumn cherry blossoms, with Lotte World just a few steps away to make for a great weekend outing with the children.

    4. Autumn Trails for Walks (41 trails)

    ○ Gwanaksan Mountain is one of the locations in Seoul where autumn leaves reach their peak the earliest, and the 1 km section at the entrance of Gwanaksan Mountain, nearby the main entrance of Seoul National University, is a broad trail providing easy access for wheelchairs and strollers. There are several resting areas along the trail, as well, including the Library in the Woods.

    ○ Walk amid the zelkova trees at the Seodaemun Ansan Trail to discover the magnificent Metasequoia Forest Trail.

    ○ There are many foliage trails at Bukhansan Mountain, featuring the stunning scenery of 4.19-gil and Insubong-gil in Gangbuk-gu.

    Autumn Trails for Walks (41 trails)
    Seodaemun-gu Ansan Trail Jeungsan-ro, Eunpyeong-gu Walkerhill-ro, Gwangjin-gu
    Seodaemun-gu Ansan Trail Jeungsan-ro, Eunpyeong-gu Walkerhill-ro, Gwangjin-gu

    Seoul Foliage Trail Photos

    Seoul Foliage Trail Photos
    ▴Seoul Forest Trail Wiryeseong-gil (Olympic Park)
    ▴Seoul Forest Trail ▴Wiryeseong-gil (Olympic Park)
    Yangjaecheon Stream Yangjaecheon Stream
    ▴Yangjaecheon Stream