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  • Enjoy Aquatic Leisure Sports at One of Five Hangang Parks This Summer

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    The month of June, when hot summer weather starts to sweep the nation, has finally arrived. For citizens seeking to cool off from the summer heat, a wide range of aquatic leisure sports programs at affordable prices can be enjoyed at the five Hangang Parks in Jamsil, Yeouido, Yanghwa, Mangwon, and Jamwon, without having to suffer the inconvenience of making a long trip.

    Banana boat ride, Waterskiing

    At Jamsil Hangang Park, the most representative aquatic leisure sports site on the Hangang, members of the public can enjoy motor boat rides, jet skiing, water skiing, and wake board, as well as banana boat, powerboat or duck boat rides.

    Citizens can enjoy these aquatic leisure sports at relatively affordable prices, ranging from 10,000 won to 60,000 won. For more detailed information, please dial +82-2-3271-6948.

    Wake board ,Windsurfing

    At Yeouido Hangang Park, citizens can enjoy aquatic leisure sports at two sites, including the Seoul Marina, which was opened last April, and the base of Wonhyodaegyo. Visitors can enjoy sailing in yachts of various sizes, including a dinghy yacht for one to three people or a cruiser for up to eight people. For further information, please dial +82-2-3780-8400, or visit www.seoul-marina.com.

    At Yanghwa Hangang Park, the leisure sports facility sits in a discrete location where visitors can enjoy aquatic sports in a more leisurely fashion. They can also watch the spectacular sight offered by the 202-meter-high World Cup fountain, and beds of beautiful roses. For more information, please dial +82-2-010-6315-4512, or +82-2-010-8770-2427.

    Mangwon Hangang Park is easily reached by public transport so anyone can enjoy aquatic sports there. For further information, please dial +82-2-337-6663.

    Jamwon Hangang Park offers a wide variety of leisure equipment and facilities according to various schedules, providing visitors with diverse options. Users of this facility are mostly young people in their 20s and 30s who enjoy the far more dynamic aquatic leisure sports activities on offer there. For further information, please dial +82-2-3442-3313.

    Nanji Hangang Park is home to the Seoul Canoeing License Testing Center, the only place in Seoul where members of the public can acquire a national license to participate in an aquatic sport. Grade 1 and 2 boating licenses, and yachting licenses can be acquired upon successful completion of training at the center. For further information, please dial +82-2-304-5900, or visit www.sby7.kr.

    In addition, the Hangang’s open-air swimming pools, all of which are equipped with good quality facilities at affordable prices, will open in July, while the “Hangang Love Leports Festival,” where people can enjoy aquatic leisure and sports free of charge, will be held in August. As such, the Hangang Parks will help citizens to cool off all through summer.

    * Those seeking counseling in English can also dial the 120 Dasan Call Center at 120.