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  • Enjoy a View of Jeong-dong, Seoul from the Jeongdong Observatory on the 13th floor, Annex Building of Seoul City Hall in Seosomun

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    Seoul City opened on April 13 a 94.88㎡-sized observatory on the 13th floor, annex building of Seoul City Hall in Seosomun. There, you can enjoy the beautiful landscape and various types of buildings of Deoksugung Palace and its neighborhood, including Seoul City Hall and Seoul Square, down below.

    The place was created by using part of the conference room and storage space as part of the program Sharing City Seoul Metropolitan Government. Tables with chairs are provided for visitors to take a rest. The windows were replaced with those suitable for observatory.

    Other sections of the building such as auditorium, stall, and café are also open to the public.

    Take the No. 3 elevator operating between the lobby on the first floor and the 13th floor to visit the observatory, which is open from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM during weekends and public holidays. Two guides will be there to help the visitors.

    The Jeong-dong observatory commands a nice view of Inwangsan (Mountain) on a clear day.

    The observatory also displays photos of the neighborhood taken in the 1900s. Jeong-dong was the center of the country’s diplomacy and modern cultures.

    Photos displayed include foreign legation buildings such as those of Russia, America, and United Kingdom, Chungdong First Methodist Church, Ewha School, and Gyeongungung Palace (now known as Deoksugung Palace), which used to be located in Jeong-dong.


    View of the inside of the observatory