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  • Eco-friendly Citizen Participatory Campaign for Earth Day

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    The Seoul Volunteer Center is launching its “Let’s All Pick Up All Around Seoul” campaign for Earth Day on April 22. This campaign is promoting “plogging” to encourage participants to practice environmental protection in their daily lives.

    Plogging, a compound word of the Swedish verb plocka upp (“pick up”) and the English gerund jogging, refers to the activity of picking up trash while jogging.

    This campaign was designed to inform citizens of the seriousness of climate change while providing an opportunity to practice environmental protection in their daily lives.

    This campaign will be held citywide starting on Earth Day on Thu, Apr. 22 until Sun, Apr. 25, and anyone can participate regardless of time and place.
    Participants can take any trash bag (e.g. tote bag, plastic bag) they have at home, and pick up litter using tongs or gloves while they jog or even walk anywhere around the city.

    During the campaign period, participants can walk around their neighborhood’s alleyways as well as nearby streams and mountains to pick up litter, and post a review of the plogging activity on the Volunteer World website or the Ita Seoul web app (ita.city). Another way to prove your plogging activity is to take a photo and upload it to social media with the hashtags #Volunteer_World and #Let’s_All_Pick_Up_All_Around_Seoul.

    Uploaded posts will be reviewed and winners will be randomly selected to receive eco-friendly products.

    For more information about the campaign, visit the Volunteer World website (www.volunteer.seoul.kr).