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  • e-stars Seoul 2011 Holds

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    “e-stars Seoul 2011,” the world’s best digital cultural festival where gamers from around the world can enjoy games together with 10 million Seoul citizens, will make its grand opening in the D Hall on the 3rd floor of the COEX exhibition center in Samseong-dong from August 19 to 21.

    Gamers from around the world will come and enjoy “e-stars Seoul 2011,” a “global digital cultural festival,” together. The event has been held since 2007 to promote domestic game industries and to vitalize e-sports. Marking the fifth event this year, the event is a venue of harmony and unity among gamers from around the world.

    In the e-Sports Tournament Zone, competitions will take place in the categories of: Counter Strike 1.6 (Valve), an international competition; Special Force (Dragon Fly), a domestic competition; Soldier of Fortune Payback (CJ E&M); and GetAmped (WindySoft).

    Also, the “1080 Family Game Festival” will allow three generations of a family to have fun together, and it will create a venue for making good memories during this summer vacation.

    The e-Party will allow the participants to enjoy various games, including new releases and new updates, and will hold as a LAN Party program that many people can enjoy together.

    Six organizations, including the Media Center, the Counseling Assistance Center, and the I will Center, which are all under the umbrella of the Seoul Metropolitan Government, will participate in the event to offer exciting experience programs, and thus induce the public to create a sound game culture.

    The preliminary round for the Seoul region of the “Third Korea e-Sports Games (KeG)” will also take place to select the best amateur gamers in Korea. The preliminary round for the Seoul region of KeG will hold from August 19 to 21 in the categories of: A.V.A, FIFA Online 2, Special Force, Slugger, and Karma.

    Hosted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and Joongang Ilbo, and organized by the Seoul Business Agency and Joongang Culture Media, “e-stars Seoul 2011” will open at 10 am. For more information, please visit e-stars Seoul 2011 website at: www.estarsseoul.org

    ▶ Inquires about the event: Oh Yeong-hui, Director of the Cultural Industry Division, Seoul Metropolitan Government T. +82-2-2171-2441 / yh502@seoul.go.kr
    SBA Animation Center: Seong Seung-gyu T. +82-2-3455-8362 / ssk88@sba.seoul.kr
    Joongang Culture Media: Yang Seon-il T. +82-2-2000-6397 / randia1@joongang.co.kr

    Scene of e-stars Seoul 2010

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