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  • e-Sports Stadium Tour

    00:00:00 You want to bet for chicken?
    00:00:20 Where are you?
    00:00:21 Is that you?
    00:00:22 Yes, it’s me.
    00:00:34 One of the Korean wave experience programs that introduces e-Sports, which is creating a new Korean wave, to foreigners more easily and in detail.
    00:00:43 You can experience various facilities and even watch the game of real professional gamers.
    00:00:53 Let’s get started.
    00:00:56 Myung-Hoon / Midam
    00:01:03 What?
    00:01:06 You’re good at this.
    00:01:10 Super Concentrated
    00:01:17 Ah, please.
    00:01:19 Oh!
    00:01:20 Please x4
    00:01:23 He lost the game
    00:01:28 Midam, you’re not mad right? (Just kidding)
    00:01:33 Hey guys, so we had so much fun in the e-Stadium today.
    00:01:36 How was it, Mi-Dam?
    00:01:37 I was so happy to be at e-Stadium today,
    00:01:40 and it was good to have a meaningful experience for me.
    00:01:41 Thank you.
    00:01:42 So, that was Me and Midam on the e-Stadium.
    00:01:45 We’ll be seeing you guys soon.
    00:01:47 Bye~
    00:01:49 See you again next time!
    00:00:50 The ‘e-Sports Stadium Tour’ offers an opportunity for visitors to watch a game played at Korea’s largest e-sports stadium.
    You can also learn about the living history of Korean e-sports at the e-Sports Hall of Fame.
    00:00:58 It offers various experiences such as photo zone, where you can take pictures with popular players in the monitor, VR experience, and experience booth.
    Bookings can be made through visitseoul.net.