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  • “Drive-through & Walk-through Screening Stations” Voted by Foreign Residents as Seoul’s Most Excellent Policy in the Era of COVID-19

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    Foreign residents in Seoul voted “Drive-through & Walk-through Screening Stations” as Seoul’s most excellent policy of Seoul in the era of COVID-19, considering the policy to be the most impressive among the city’s policies to respond to COVID-19.

    Highly praised by the global community, Seoul’s “Drive-through & Walk-through Screening Stations” came in first in popularity with 4,137 votes (14.2%) by foreign residents, and “Emergency COVID-19 Center for Foreign Residents,” which supported eight languages for foreign residents living in Korea to get information on COVID-19, came in second with 3,417 votes (11.8%), and “COVID-19 Clean Zone Certification,” which helped Seoul citizens use facilities without worry through thorough disinfection came in third with 2,960 votes (10.2%).

    The poll was open for 10 days from Nov. 30 to Dec. 9 on the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s website in six languages. A total of 9,681 participated in the vote, showing a great interest in Seoul’s preemptive policies in response to COVID-19. About 80% of voters, the biggest portion of participants, were from English-speaking countries.

    While Seoul’s “Drive-through & Walk-through Screening Stations” was the most popular policy for all language groups, “Disinfection for Public Transportation” was relatively more popular for Chinese-speaking voters from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, “Mandatory Mask-wearing Campaign” for Japanese-speaking voters, and “Let’s Take a Break: Social Distancing Campaign” for Spanish- and French-speaking voters.

    Ranking of Excellent Policies of Seoul in the Age of COVID-19

    Ranking of Excellent Policies of Seoul in the Age of COVID-19
    Ranking Policy
    1 Drive-through & Walk-through Screening Stations
    2 Emergency COVID-19 Center for Foreign Residents
    3 COVID-19 Clean Zone Certification
    4 Disinfection for Public Transportation
    5 Mandatory Mask-wearing Campaign
    6 Reinforced Disinfection for International Arrivals
    7 Mask Distribution for Foreign Residents
    8 Let’s Take a Break: Social Distancing Campaign
    9 COVID-19 AI Monitoring Call System
    10 Global Content Contest
    11 Disaster Emergency Living Expenses for Foreign Residents
    12 CAC (Cities Against COVID-19) Global Summit
    13 Temporary Care Subsidy for Foreign Students
    14 Seoul International Photojournalism Exhibition
    15 Blue Light & Pink Light Campaigns