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[2014] Mayor’s Speech

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  • [2014] Mayor’s Speech SMG 1663

    Opening ceremony of the Urban Regeneration Support Center in Sungin, Changsin
    Date July 29, 2014 Venue, Urban Regeneration Support Center in Jongno-gu

    I am truly pleased to see you all. My special thanks go to all the residents who are attending the signboard hanging ceremony and opening ceremony of the Urban Regeneration Support Center in Sungin, Changsin. Thank you Mr. Chung Se Kyun, member of the National Assembly, members of city council and heads of gu. I also would like to say thanks in advance to Professor Shin Jungjin for what you have done previously as well as for your future endeavors. Thank you Mr. Jin Huiseon, director of the bureau, as well as the officials of the Seoul Metropolitan Government for your hard work. Above all, I would like to welcome all of the residents to this ceremony for the opening of the center, as they will play the leading role in this project. Please give them a big hand!

    I have a great affinity for the region of Sungin, Changwon. Before I took office, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to change this region into a better place. Do you know how many times I have visited here since I became a mayor? Five times. Today, the Urban Regeneration Support Center has finally opened to the public in Sungin, Changwon. I understand you have gone through more trouble for this event during the process of lifting the designation as a new town. Now, you may be relieved of your great anxiety. With today’s opening of the center, the SMG has taken a huge step towards regional development and improvement.

    Through the project, we will transform the region into a humane society with a rich tradition and history, an energetic, pleasant, and safe city boasting a strong economic recovery. As we well know, the city of Changsin is well known for its apparel industry. Therefore, it is crucial to develop that industry into a regional special industry, especially considering the region is a major manufacturer for Dongdaemun DDP (Dongdaemun Design Plaza) and the fashion industry of the country.

    Most importantly, the region is adjacent to the Seoul City Wall, which will be listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2017. This reflects the area’s rich historical and culture heritage. If the urban development project can be carried out while preserving these precious local resources, the region will transform itself into a highly desirable place to live together with tradition and history.

    This genuine city rebuilding will never be truly accomplished by the city or Jongno-gu alone. It will not be achieved by the unilateral endeavors of public institutions. Our goal must be supported by local residents’ affection for the village, which will allow us all to be united, sharing the efforts of all people with a great concern.

    It is my belief that the recent designation of Changsin as the leading city in urban regeneration project by The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport was only possible because all the residents showed a united force, intent on improving their lives. In addition, the Urban Regeneration Center will be given a great deal of strength by the SMG and Jongno-gu, which will carry the project into effect. I strongly believe that this work will progress in the greatest capacity by communicating with residents and strengthening the capabilities of local people. If this happens, there will be a miracle in this village. How will this region be changed when I come back five years later? I am so excited to see. Can you imagine? Let us build this future together.