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  • Dream Forest of northern Seoul marks its first anniversary

  • Integrated News SMG 2873

    The Dream Forest of northern Seoul which has become a new tourist attraction in the city marks its first anniversary.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced on October 16 that as many as 3.22 million people have visited the forest since its opening on October 17 last year.

    Of the many sites, Chilpokji (seven waterfall pond), Botanic Garden, Changnyeong Wigung Jaesa (Changnyeongwigung Ancestral Shrine), Wolyeongji, Cheongundapwon (lawn plaza), Children’s Park, Jumping Fountain, Mirror Pond and Ball Plaza have become many citizens’ favorites.

    There are also some cultural facilities. The park’s observation tower is 49.7m high, and offers picturesque views of Bukhansan, Dobongsan and Suraksan Mountains. Not only the observation tower, but the art center, museum and design gallery are gaining popularity among many visitors.

    Now, in the Dream Forest, various concerts and exhibitions are being held. There are concerts titled, “Vienna’s music box,” “One year anniversary festival” and “Travel to the Forest,” and an exhibition entitled, “Memories of Cheonggyecheon (Stream).”

    In addition, there are always some small scale experience programs in the park. Experience programs like nature walks, sunset trails and park tours are provided free of charge every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.