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  • Dream Forest

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    Dream Forest, a park that was constructed on the site of an old amusement park, houses an area of 660,000 m2, making it the fourth largest park in Seoul after World Cup Park, Olympic Park, and Seoul Forest. Surrounded by Byeogosan Mountain and Opaesan Mountain, Dream Forest has a dense forest with different stunning sceneries each season. The forest contains a cherry blossom trail, a maple forest, Wolyeongji Pond (a large pond that boasts a traditional Korean landscape), Wolgwang Waterfall, and an observatory that soars 49.7 meters high offering views of Bukhansan Mountain, Dobongsan Mountain, and Suraksan Mountain at just one glimpse. The Dream Forest Art Center in the forest is home to a concert hall and an art museum to allow visitors to enjoy arts and culture of various genres all year round.

    Operation Hours: 24/7, all year round
    Location: 173, Wolgye-ro, Gangbuk-gu, Seoul
    * More information will be available in the future on Seoul’s foreign language websites.