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  • Donuimun Museum Village

    00:00:12 Today I came here at Donuimun Museum Village.
    00:00:16 Let’s look around together
    00:00:21 As for Donuimun Museum Village, which was created as part of the urban regeneration project in Seoul, the original plan was to build an old village as a park
    00:00:28 but it was reborn as a village that represents the history and revival of the 100-year-old Donuimun area.
    00:00:36 Ah there is a mural like this.
    00:00:41 It’s perfect for taking pictures.
    00:00:48 Looks good?
    00:00:49 This place is called Donuimun Gurakbu.
    00:00:53 I have no idea what this place is for.
    00:00:55 Let’s go inside.
    00:00:59 Oh~
    00:01:01 What’s this?
    00:01:02 This is super awesome.
    00:01:04 What’s this?
    00:01:06 Ah, the singers from the 1990s did performances here.
    00:01:14 Probably they sang like this.
    00:01:17 Could I sit here?
    00:01:25 Why didn’t I know such a nice place until now?
    00:01:34 Lena looks around the village enthusiastically.
    00:01:38 Lena is running out of energy.
    00:01:49 Lena, your breathing got heavy.
    00:01:51 Because I am exhausted. You heard it.
    00:01:55 Since there were so many things to experience and
    00:01:57 so many pretty spots to take pictures, I really liked this place.
    00:02:03 I hope you come and visit here.
    00:02:06 Then, see you in the next video.
    00:02:08 Bye
    00:02:10 The Donuimun area was reborn as Donuimun Museum Village that keeps history and culture of the area through Seoul city’s urban regeneration project.
    00:02:18 In the exhibition hall and hanoks inside the village, you can experience what life was like 100 years ago in downtown Seoul.
    It also holds enjoyable events like concerts at noon in the yard and alleys for tourists.