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  • Donuimun Gate, western gate of Seoul during Joseon Dynasty is restored with AR and VR tech

  • Seoul BroadCasting News SMG 1993
    One of the four major gates in Seoul from Joseon Dynasty has been restored using digital technology.
    Donuimun Gate located in the western part of the city was torn down back in 1915 during Japanese Colonial period.
    Restoration of the actual gate which is also known as Seodaemun gate wasn’t possible due to difficulties like traffic and compensation for the land where the structure stood.
    Using VR and augmented reality technologies, Seoul Metropolitan Government and Cultural Heritage Administration digitally restored the gate 104 years after it was torn down.
    One can download a mobile app and see what the gate look like in the past from multiple angles.

    Reporter : minsunlee@arirang.com.