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  • Dongmyo Flea Market

  • Photos of Today SMG 7190
    Dongmyo Flea Market is one of the most popular flea markets in Seoul frequented by visitors who like to shop for vintage goods on weekends.

    Dongmyo Flea Market is located near Donggwanwangmyo Shrine (National Treasure No. 142)—also known as “Dongmyo”—a shrine dedicated to the military general Guan Yu of China. It is said that Ming generals who came to Joseon during the Japanese invasions of Korea built this shrine to enshrine Guan Yu, believing that Guan Yu leads to a victorious war.

    Dongmyo Flea Market, ensconced in a place of historical significance, embodies an atmosphere of Seoul of the 1960s and 70s. Here you can see almost everything from antiques and vintage accessories to old cameras and even affordable vintage clothes at KRW 1,000 per item. Celebrity musician G-Dragon was once featured visiting Dongmyo Flea Market on a TV program in 2013, and the market has since seen a new and younger generation of customers who frequently visit to discover and explore all that the market has to offer.

    Location: Sungin-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul (60 meters from Exit 3 of Dongmyo Station)

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