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  • Dongdaemun On-time Fashion Festival, An Online Fashion Festival With Live Commerce

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    Dongdaemn on-time fashion festival #dotff 2020.11.27-11.29

    The Seoul Design Foundation (SDF) will be holding the Dongdaemun On-time Fashion Festival (www.dotff.co.kr) for three days from Fri, Nov. 27 to Sun, Nov. 29, 2020. The fashion festival will be held online with live commerce that highlights the traits and merits of Dongdaemun’s fashion brands.

    The event was planned jointly with the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) with the goal of vitalizing Dongdaemun’s fashion town, aiming to realize the motto of “See Now, Feel Now, Buy Now, Wear Now” based on the innovation and trendiness of Dongdaemun’s fashion town.

    The Dongdaemun On-time Fashion Festival, which will take place online, starting from “DDP,” will attract consumers’ attention with NAVER SHOPPING Live’s streaming services, and showcase fashion content, including film of each brand, as well as participatory events to generate revenue for the 30 participating brands.

    Companies that participate in the festival will receive supports, such as product planning for e-commerce and making a promotional fashion film and look book reflecting the characteristics of the brand through the consultation on commerce. Additionally, the companies will receive supports in broadcasting live commerce on NAVER SHOPPING Live and selling their products on more than 10 e-commerce platforms. Even after the event is finished, special sales will be held on major e-commerce platforms to help participating brands undergo the shift to online businesses.

    The Dongdaemun On-time Fashion Festival is a project that was planned in the course of preparing an online/offline marketing support policy for Dongdaemun brands. The SDF aims to become a catalyst for Dongdaemun brands with excellent design to be transformed into direct-to-consumer (D2C) businesses and play a guiding role in this transition period directed to digital-based fashion by expanding online/offline consumer contact points of domestic fashion brands.