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  • Dongdaemun Fashion Creation Studio

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    The Dongdaemun Fashion Creation Studio opened on the fifth floor of the Seoul Fashion Center in December, 2009. The Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Business Agency, an affiliated organization to support SMEs, collaborated in establishing the Dongdaemun Fashion Creation Studio, and about 80 rising fashion designers have now moved into the studio and are devoting themselves to fashion design.

    The Dongdaemun Fashion Creation Studio has individual design rooms, a workroom equipped with state-of-the-art sewing machines, a photo studio, an event hall and a conference room. In short, it is a one stop source for the creation and sale of fashion.

    Recently, the 80 designers in the studio held an exhibition of their work, and three of them were provided with a space for a select shop in Lotte Department Store. Select shops, or multi-brand shops, treat not a sole brand but deal in multiple brands depending on the choice of the buyers. Such shops are gaining popularity among consumers because they offer various distinctive items at 60~70% of the usual retail value.