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  • Dongdaemun Design Plaza to Emerge as a Space for Creation and Knowledge

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government declared DDP (Dongdaemun Design Plaza) as “The Origin of the 21st Century Creation and Knowledge.” The core idea is to build it as a sustainable space of creation and culture that breathes together with the Dongaemun area and that moves forward with its residents. Through these efforts, DDP will be able to offer the citizens, enterprises, and tourists, from both home and abroad, exciting experiences and creative inspiration. The local economy will prosper and the vitality of the area will be secured.

    The current progress of the DDP construction project stands at 87%. It will be completed in July 2013. It will finally open its doors in March 2014. The city of Seoul has presented its new ambitious plan, which calls for annual visits by 5.5 million people, with 1.5 million international tourists included in this number; the aggregate production effects of 13.1 trillion won (roughly 12 billion USD) for 20 years; and the creation of 113,000 jobs in the same period.

    The three new strategies for the DDP are for it to operate 24 hours a day, the creation of 60 tourist attractions, and the achievement of 100% efficiency. Under the strategies, DDP and its surrounding Dongdaemun area will be more closely connected and the entire area will emerge as a 24-hour tourist attraction with its 600-year old historical and cultural assets, which include Seoul Fortress Walls and the dynamic night life that exists in and around the DDP. The previous plan to continue to operate DDP under the city budget has been scrapped and replaced by a new plan to make it self-reliant as early as possible through guaranteeing the 100% operation efficiency of the area.

    The new and ambitious self-reliance plan will put an end to an estimated annual deficit of 20 billion won and will secure the sustainability of the plaza. The original plan to run the place as a convention and exhibition-oriented area has given way to an innovative idea of running it as an open studio that features world-class fashion shows and new product launches amongst other things both day and night. That way, the operation rate of the DDP facilities themselves will increase from the previously estimated 40% to more than 70%.

    Dongdaemun Design Plaza is being built upon the historic site of Dongdaemun Stadium, which was the only outdoor stadium for the citizens of Seoul throughout most of its 82-year history. The previous plan concentrated on the concepts of a landmark, high cost design contents, and specialists. The city administration has said that its shortfalls included a shortage in the connection to the characteristics of the area, being a space that the citizens can take part in, and features that will contribute to revitalizing the industry of the area.

    In the long term, the area between City Hall and Dongdaemun Gate will be created as a creative industry belt with Changsin-dong specializing in clothing and textiles, Jongno in jewelry, and Ulji-ro in lighting fixtures and pottery. This current urban center that has fallen relatively behind in commerce and industry will regain its vitality. The city administration is planning to build a vocational master school and a grassroots museum in the area. In relation to the plan, the city will soon compile and publish a myeongin index (a list of masters) of the town.

    The Master Space Arrangement Plan

    The Project Outline

    • Project Location: The previous site of Dongdaemun Stadium, Ulji-ro, Jung-gu (65,232m2)
    • Total Building Area: 85,320m2 (A four-story structure with three underground floors)
    • Construction Period: September 2006 – February 2014
      (The progress rate as of November 2012: 87%)
    • Space Arrangement: 11 spaces
      (convention, exhibition, information, and experience facilities, etc.)
      convenience facilities in the underground floors
    • Construction Amount: 492.4 billion won

    The Introduction of Spaces and Activities

    Art Hall

    The Design Museum

    Biz Center

    D-Fashion Open Studio

    The Dongdaemun Runway Project

    Seoul Fortress Walls Fashion Show

    The 60 DDP Tourist Attraction Project

    The DDP K-Design Parade

    BESETO Design Market + Conference