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  • Don’t be alone during this New Year’s holiday!

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    The Seoul Global Center is offering a selection of New Year’s celebrations for foreigners.

    The Seoul Global Center is hosting various events for New Year’s Day and is inviting all foreigners residing in Seoul to come and take part in diverse folk games whilst enjoying a pleasant time with other foreigners.

    New Year Celebrations
    Classification Events Date Participants Content
    Global Center Happy New Year 2. 6(Sat.)
    Over 70 foreigners
    • Wearing hanbok, performing sebae (New Year’s greeting), and enjoying traditional New Year’s foods.
    • Folk games such as Yutnori (a board game), and jegi-chagi (Korean hacky sack).
    Visit to the Seoul Jungnang Nursing Home 2. 12(Fri.)
    30 Koreans and foreigners
    • Visit the elderly in a nursing home to offer your services (performances, food offerings).
    Yeongdeungpo Village Center Special lecture on multicultural communication 2. 7(Sun.)
    Over 70 foreigners
    • ‘Understanding the Korean tradition of New Year’s Day.’
      (Lecturer: Kim Young-jo, Professor of Sangmyung University.)
    Itaewon Village Center Ddeok-making for New Year’s Day 2. 11(Thu)
    16:00 ~ 18:00
    Over 20 foreigners
    • Ddeok (Korean rice cake)-making events.
    Seorae Village Center Yaksik-making for New Year’s Day 2. 11(Thu)
    Over 20 foreigners
    • Yaksik (flavored glutinous rice)-making events.