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  • Do Your Gimjang (annual event for making kimchi and other pickled vegetables for winter) This Year at the Seoul Plaza

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    The Sharing Gimjang with Neighbors event will be held on November 13 at the Seoul Plaza. This year marks the 13th anniversary of the love-thy-neighbor event, wherein volunteers make gimjang and distribute it to less fortunate neighbors.

    The event was started in 2001 by a group of volunteers consisting of Korea Yakult employees and was spread nationwide. The 2008 event held at the Seoul Square was recognized as a new record of doing gimjang with the participation of the most number of people in one place by the Korea Branch of Guinness World Records. This year, officials of the Guinness World Records will be present at the scene.

    This year, too, ordinary people will be encouraged to take part in the event and make gimjang for their own families. Those interested should submit an application through the homepage (www.gimjang.kr) by November 10 and pay the participation fee. The event host will provide pickled cabbages and seasoning materials on the day of the event. Korea Yakult will supply rubber gloves, aprons, kimchi containers, and snacks.

    Korea Yakult employees will help novice kimchi makers including non-Koreans on a one-on-one basis. Upon request, the event host will deliver the kimchi made by each participant to his/her house the following day.

    □ For inquiries, please call the Operations HQ (+82-2-549-6113) or visit the homepage (www.gimjang.kr).