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  • DMZ Peace Music Festival

  • Seoul BroadCasting News SMG 1623
    Now, on a line to note, the DMZ Peace Music Festival kicks off on June 5th.
    That is next Wednesday, the 5 day event will be held here in Seoul and also in Cheolwon, Gangwon-do Province.
    The main event is set for next Friday in Cheolwon with 36 music teams from a dozen countries performing multiple genre of music under the theme of peace.
    Prior to all the fun, an international conference will be held in the capital, musician and officials will discuss ways to utilize the DMZ as a cultural space and talk about how music can contribute to peace ahead.
    A group of Cuban musicians will also showcase their country’s music to create and communicate a peaceful message to citizens.

    Reporter : minsunlee@arirang.com