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  • DMC Subway Station Area to be Developed as Hub of Foreign Investment, Tourism and Shopping

  • Integrated News SMG 2924

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced on June 8 that it has designated a 20,643sq m area around Sangam DMC Subway Station as a “special planning complex” in which large sale, cultural, entertainment, and medical facilities will be installed, in a bid to extensively develop the area into a special complex integrating foreign investment and tourism.

    The City Government also said the area, which was originally earmarked exclusively for business, commerce and performing art facilities, will also allow the construction of a wide range of other facilities, including tourist hotels, general hospitals, and entertainment and shopping facilities.

    The area will accommodate general hospitals, large shopping malls, and aquatic resort and spa facilities, as well as top-class performance facilities where foreign tourists and foreign residents in the City, whose numbers continue to grow, can enjoy a one-stop service.

    Upon announcing the phase-2 plan on the DMC development last February, the City Government also disclosed a plan to develop the DMC Subway Station area into a general facilities complex comprising large-scale performance facilities, benchmarking LA Live in the U.S.A.

    The area is the only large-scale commercial and business district in the Sangam Housing Development District, and a new railroad transportation hub in the northwestern section of the City that are linked with Gyeongui Line national railway, Korail Airport Railroad, and Seoul Subway Line 6. Once the development of this area into a complex of cultural and commercial facilities has been completed, it will become an economic hub of the northwestern section of the City, which will help to expand the number of foreign tourists and galvanize the DMC as a whole.