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  • Disney’s Mickey Mouse to Collaborate with I·SEOUL·U

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    Disney’s Mickey Mouse to Collaborate with I·SEOUL·U

    Mickey Mouse will be visiting Seoul, Korea for the first time. He will arrive on November 28, 2018 and visit Seoul City Hall, join the early December tour of Seoul’s attractions which will include the N Seoul Tower and DDP, and meet with citizens. With I·SEOUL·U, Seoul will post the images of Mickey Mouse on the subway, billboards, and throughout the city to publicize Mickey Mouse’s arrival.

    To welcome Mickey Mouse to Seoul, the city will collaborate with the city brand I·SEOUL·U to launch colorful campaigns under the name of ‘I·Mickey in Seoul·U.’

    The main collaboration campaign will include ▴I·Mickey in Seoul·U campaign video, ▴I·Mickey in Seoul·U brand logo collaboration, ▴I·Mickey in Seoul·U Santa Expedition Gift-wrapping Event, and ▴Seoul Tour.

    The I·Mickey in Seoul·U video will be played on the City Hall government office’s electric bulletin board as well as on ▴monitors throughout Lines 1-9 of Seoul Subway, ▴electric media boards at Gwanghwamun Station, Yeouinaru Station, Chungjeongno Station, Hoehyeon Station, and Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station, ▴monitors owned by Seoul-affiliated organizations and autonomous government offices, and ▴outdoor electric bulletin boards of private corporations located in Seoul City.

    On November 28, the day that Mickey Mouse is scheduled to arrive in Seoul, the ‘2018 Santa Expedition Gift-wrapping Event’ will be held in the Open Lounge of Seoul Citizens Hall. Wrapped gifts will be delivered to children of low-income households.

    Mickey Mouse will visit various different parts of Seoul including the N Seoul Tower, Dongdaemun DDP, and Gwanghwamun, and also ride the Seoul Subway on the ‘Seoul Tour.’