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List of Global Seoul Mates

  • Dil Per

  • List of Global Seoul Mates SMG 1201

    Ever since first coming to Korea and Seoul in 2010 I have been amazed at what a tremendous job the government, the city of Seoul and related organizations are doing to accommodate both foreign students and tourists alike. I soon became involved in these activities first purely as an attendee of different events, but soon also as a staff member working behind the scenes. I was a team leader at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies International Student Organization for a year and I also placed 2nd with my team in Korea Tourism Organization’s competition called “Brand Leaders” to promote Korean tourism worldwide. Furthermore I won prizes for my blog posts and photos to promote Korean rural tourism for the “Rural 20-Project” developed by the South Korean Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries and finally placed 2nd in Korea Food Foundation’s competition with the aim to globalize Korean food. Currently I am active as a staff member in Korea International Student Association KINSA and as a tourism ambassador for Songpa-gu, Seoul. At the moment I study Korean at Inha University but will soon commence my masters studies at Yonsei Graduate School of International Studies and will live in South Korea at least until summer 2015.

    I stoutly believe that all this background material will make for very interesting reads and I hope that you will consider selecting me as a Seoul Global Mate. As you can witness I carry a genuine interest in the marvel that is Seoul and strive to project this zeal unto the readers of my texts. The main aim of my blog is to enlighten people about Seoul and Korean culture and through this hopefully light a spark of interest with people to make them even more curious about Seoul. I relish the opportunities to start utilizing your “mate user platform”, make it possible to further improve my writing, reach a vaster crowd and finally to participate in offline meetings and events. Should you choose me, I assure that I would be an active Global Seoul Mate to make the world more aware of the beauty of Seoul.