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  • Digital Media City unveils symbolic landmark

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    Seoul City said it unveiled the symbol of the Digital Media City — the “Millennium Eye” – on Nov. 9 as it celebrated the completion of the 13-month long city landmark project.

    The Millennium Eye, built within the World Square, boasts the “Global Eye,” which features a monolithic LCD panel. On top of this is a 23-meter high media structure called the “Millennium Cell.”

    Night view of the Millennium Eye

    The Millennium Cell symbolizes scientific technology at its best, Seoul City said. The structure features 140 mirrored spheres that reflect their surroundings. The Global Eye visualizes the sky, on the opposite side, in real-time.

    The state-of-the-art Millennium Eye has captured the advancement of media and technology in a concrete form, thus symbolizing the connection between the present and the future through modern media technology and the scientific philosophy of the past.

    The Millennium Cell, acting like a mammoth mirror, shows that the fundamentals of media technology reflect a positive image of the world. The rising water bubbles on the surface of the structure reflect the DMC’s lofty vision of leading the world in to the future of the digital media era.

    The World Square symbolizes a media “smelting furnace” bringing together the dreams of all people around the world. This site is meant to serve as an artistic space that encourages the public to share their thoughts.